Potential, fast: two words that sum up my first weeks as CEO

Lucy Dimes
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What a whirlwind first three weeks for me at Fujitsu! I’m incredibly excited to be taking on the role of UK and Ireland CEO in what is a fascinating time to work in technology.

Attending two Fujitsu events on my first two days can only be described as a baptism of fire, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

It feels great to have hit the ground running and for me it was a brilliant opportunity to meet as many customers and people from around the business as possible.

Seeing the technology showcase first hand at the London leg of Fujitsu World Tour, alongside more than 900 customers, demonstrated what we’re all about.

From my time at BT, Alcatel Lucent and other companies, I’ve always admired Fujitsu– it’s a global player, and one of the great market leaders in our industry.

A strong and responsible culture

People at this company are rightly proud of its fantastic culture. This is something that should never be underestimated as it makes a real difference for our customers.

I strongly believe there has never been a better time to have a great track record in responsible business – Fujitsu has made this a priority for so long, and it means we can speak about it with real credibility.

The importance of business responsibility was highlighted at the Business in the Community Awards earlier this week in London.

As Responsible Business of the Year 2015, Fujitsu was proud to host the event which saw truly inspiring examples of how many businesses are making responsibility a practical reality. I think it’s fantastic that Fujitsu has been able to help lead the responsible business movement – it is so important for our future.

I’d like to add my congratulations to Veolia, announced as Responsible Business of the Year 2016. Their responsible transformation programme has been truly impressive. 

A couple of highlights

I really love my red Fujitsu lightweight laptop – it’s a really high quality piece of technology and I think we should produce more of our products in trademark Fujitsu red!

I’m also looking forward to getting my Fujitsu tablet – the Stylistic – not only is it slim and lightweight, and I think it’s a fantastic addition to our portfolio.

Another highlight was experiencing the wearables showcase at Fujitsu World Tour. The range of use cases and devices on display blew me away, and it underlines how we’re innovating in this space.

Understanding the pace of change

 In terms of my priorities for the business, I want to help us become even more customer-centric than we are now, by really honing our relationship management.

On top of that, being able to leverage our digital transformation credentials to customers is so important. What we have right now is immense – and I want us to be able to express our strengths with confidence.

What’s also important is understanding the pace of change for customers.

I personally enjoy the sensation of going fast – part of the reason I love skiing and horse riding so much! I also look for those challenges in my business life.

I need to have that level of complexity – its something that motivates me – along with the feeling of growing and learning.

But a fast pace isn’t right for every business – it should instead run at the speed it feels comfortable with. For every business there are times when you should slow down, while going fast when you can. I believe the same applies to digital transformation.

This is why I find it so exciting to come on board now – and I feel I can be a real change agent at this important time in our company’s history. I’ve been mightily impressed with the professional and programmatic way things are run, as well as the level and depth of thought that goes into every issue.

To build on this, my aim is to cement Fujitsu’s place as a digitally disruptive player. This goes hand in hand with getting ever closer to our customers, so we can understand their issues and help them drive change within their own organisations.

I look forward to working with everyone to bring this to life!

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