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  1. Keeping Dublin’s Transport on the Right Track

    It may sound slightly out of place to attempt to discuss Dublin’s successful and booming economy in line with its transport system. Congestion in Dublin, for example, is at a worrying level with jams in the greater Dublin area costing the econ...

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  2. How education and industry are disrupting as one

    We often talk about digital transformation in the context of the workplace, or the way we buy things, or even our leisure time. But what about the way it impacts arguably the most important part of our lives? The education sector is the bridg...

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  3. An open letter on Tech UK’s ‘three-point plan’

    Last week, the industry’s trade body, Tech UK, outlined a ‘three-point plan’ to seek to improve the relationship between those in government responsible for procuring IT products and services, and the many suppliers who perform this role. I...

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