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  1. Becoming an ambassador for diversity and inclusion

    At the start of this year, I made one of the most seismic transitions in my career so far. I moved from my role as head of the public sector at Fujitsu UK & Ireland to become Fujitsu’s Ambassador for Diversity & Inclusion. This might s...

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  2. How to carry out a gender pay audit

    The Gender Pay Gap report is another useful tool to help companies focus minds on gender diversity. As a practitioner I am using our report to identify areas where I can focus my attention to remove unconscious bias, change behaviours, and suppo...

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  3. What does the gender pay gap actually mean?

    The upcoming gender pay gap reporting regulations require UK employers with 250+ employees to disclose their gender pay gap. How is this different from the requirement for equal pay? And why should the tech industry be concerned? The disparity ...

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