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  1. Preparing for the challenge of PSD2

    With national implementation of the Second Payments Directive (PSD2) required by January 2018, the banking and payments industries now have less than two years left to prepare. With PSD2 extending and revising the original Payment Services Direc...

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  2. Five things to watch out for in banking in 2016

    In the fast changing world of retail banking, what might the customers, investors and commentators of British retail banks expect to see in 2016? At Fujitsu, we expect developments to be particularly noticeable in five key areas. 1) 2016 wi...


  3. When scoring 7/10 isn’t good enough

    Apart from the dark nights closing in you can always tell it’s Christmas in the UK when that good-old favourite Strictly Come Dancing returns to screens. I could blame my wife for making me watch it but in truth it’s a guilty pleasure. What a...

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