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  1. How wearable tech is about to transform utilities

    Those working in the utilities industry will be painfully aware of its pitfalls. The constant quest to improve safety, for example, or the never-ending battle against inefficiency in an increasingly complex and regulated sector. Whether you can...

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  2. Introducing the KIDUKU Project: part 2

    Last week we featured a video showcasing the KIDUKU Project – an initiative by Fujitsu Laboratories and the INSIGHT research institution that is using a simulated reality to develop technology and accommodation that improves the lives of older ...

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  3. Introducing the KIDUKU Project: part 1

    According to government projections, in 20 years’ time the number of people in the UK aged 65 and over will be 19 million. This presents a huge challenge to public services, and highlights the very real need for alternatives to current aged car...

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