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Our annual Fujitsu Forum is at the ICM Munich next Wednesday & Thursday, and we can’t wait to welcome over 10,000 customers, partners and guests to the event!

This year’s Forum is all about Human Centric Innovation in action.  So we’re not just showing off our technology.  We’re putting it in context, and really proving how it can make a difference both for organisations and individuals.

Technology innovation is key to delivering a prosperous future society, and Fujitsu Forum aims to provide a glimpse of that future.

So – what are we most looking forward to?

van1. The Hyperconnected Van – Road to Munich

Ahead of Forum, our Hyperconnected Van is setting off from London to make the trip to Munich – connected and tracking live every mile of the way.

The van demonstrates what could be possible if every vehicle in a fleet were connected & sharing data with each other, and with back office systems. This has huge potential for field service engineering, logistics, utilities, manufacturing and many other sectors.

If you’re visiting Forum, don’t miss a visit to the van in the exhibition area to see for yourself how it brings the Internet of Things to life.

2. Dr Joseph Reger – What’s on the CTO’s mind?

Next Tuesday is press & analyst preview day at Forum, and one of the hottest sessions on the agenda is the annual “What’s on the CTO’s mind?” presentation from Fujitsu’s Global CTO, Dr Joseph Reger.

Guaranteed to provide unique insights into both the practical challenges facing IT professionals, and the megatrends affecting our global society, this session is not to be missed.

At previous Forums Dr Reger has discussed the threats presented by smart lightbulbs and the role of technology in preventative healthcare – so we’re excited to find out his priorities this year!

This is for media & analysts only – but look out for our tweets of the highlights and an in-depth report here on our blog.

iot fishbowl3 – Getting to grips with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has seen much hype in recent years.  Now is the time to demonstrate its true value, as the technology starts to deliver real benefits.

Fujitsu’s Head of Internet of Things, Dr Alex Bazin, will be discussing exactly this in his breakout session at 1000 CET next Wednesday.  For many industries, the connected intelligence which IOT technologies promise could lead to massive transformation in their business models. How can organisations stay ahead?

We’re also providing a more practical demonstration of the IOT in the exhibition area, so don’t miss out on seeing its potential for yourself.

34946_Fujitsu_Forum_2014_____Exhibition_Area_scr4 – Showcasing the infrastructure that keeps businesses running

Ranging from client devices, storage & servers through to massively scalable integrated systems, Forum presents an unrivalled opportunity to see the entire range of Fujitsu’s products and infrastructure.

In addition to seeing the technology, we’ll also be discussing how to unlock its full benefits in a range of breakout sessions and expert talks.  We’re particularly looking forward to seeing what Matt Shore of AAG Systems, one of our partners, has to say about realising big business benefits with Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX solutions.

index_pic_15 – Signposting the road to a Digital future

Digital transformation is affecting every sector and industry.  Increasingly, both customers and employees are expecting joined-up digital services – so how can IT professionals meet this need?

Ranging from Duncan Tait & Dr Reger’s keynotes to many breakout sessions and expert talks, doing Digital right will be a core theme for this year’s Forum.

We’re excited about the “Future Workplace – Visions & Perspectives” session at 1700 on Wednesday.  We’ll be joined by experts from Microsoft, Citrix, Google and VMWare for a fascinating look into how Digital will change our lives at work – as well as at home.

35010_Fujitsu_Forum_2014_____Evening_Event_scr6. The Fujitsu Forum Oktoberfest experience

Finally – although we’ve missed the famous Munich Oktoberfest, Fujitsu Forum recreates the spirit of the event for our guests!

We’re really looking forward to sharing traditional Bavarian hospitality with our customers, partners & friends joining us from the UK & Ireland.  The Fujitsu Forum Oktoberfest was spectacular in 2014 – and this year promises to be even bigger and better.


If you sadly can’t join us in Munich – follow #FujitsuForum for all the latest news, insights and buzz from the event!


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