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2016 marks the third year of the DCUs’ President’s Award for Innovation, which is sponsored by Fujitsu and this year I was fortunate enough to be a part of the final judging panel.

The awards recognise innovation in the community across a range of activities such as social regeneration and community empowerment, social enterprise and local economic development, sustainability and voluntary activities.

The winning entries for this year included DiCAST, a technology providing innovation molecular and cellular screening the potential to revolutionise antibody discovery and vaccine development. Squeazy, an educational toy which brings together the Cartesian Diver science experiment with a plastic bottle and characters Drip and Drop, to create a fun way to teach and learn about science.  Unicam, an integrated campus video system harnessing the power of modern digital technologies to enhance the learning experience of DCU students.

Photo of award winners DiCAST with Anthony MacAuley

Anthony McCauley with award winners DiCAST.

It was an honour in itself to judge the fantastic entries by DCU students, researches and staff, but to also see the high level of excellence and creative input has been incredible. Each year there is such a diverse range of submissions that have the potential to make a very real positive impact on people’s day-to-day lives. This human connection to technology, or human centric innovation, is what we at Fujitsu strive for.

Photo of award winners Unicam with Anthony McCauley

Anthony McCauley with award winners Unicam.

The Fujitsu and DCU partnership demonstrates everything we hope to achieve, encouraging and fostering technologies that will have a real impact on people’s lives. This is work we at Fujitsu are engaged in every day. For example, our KIDUKU project in collaboration with TRIL, CASALA and CLARITY is a research initiative that aims to provide monitoring services and assisted independent living for senior citizens and patients who live in smart houses. Ultimately Fujitsu Laboratories aims to develop a system that supports independent living through health management and information communications technology.

Photo of award winners Squeazy with Anthony McCauley

Anthony McCauley with award winners Squeazy.

I salute and commend this year’s awards participants, and the broader DCU community for striving to achieve the best in technology that will help to differentiate Ireland on the world stage. I look forward to hopefully judging the awards in future years and us all benefiting from the new technologies showcased.

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