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When you’re young you can’t imagine being old, when you’re old you can’t remember being young… but an inescapable truth is that we’re all aging and living longer. If you’re 60 or over, you make up 30% of the population in Japan, 20% in developed countries and 9% in developing countries. By 2030 the projections are 37%, 29% and 14%. This is truly amazing, but will of course place an increasing burden on healthcare and elderly care systems. And today’s over 60s still want to be connected in every way; technologically, with friends and family as well as the world at large, yet they have specific needs.

Fujitsu sees people as individuals and its vision is in truly ‘human centric’ in which IT is fundamentally designed to aid our existence, our evolution and our interaction with this world.walkingstick

In Japan, Fujitsu is part of the ‘Human Bridge’ – a solution for disclosing, sharing and combining patients’ diagnostic information between networked regional hospitals and clinics allowing better understanding of patients’ conditions giving higher quality healthcare services. It also stops overlapping tests and diagnoses so healthcare can be more efficient.  This kind of service is essential to cater for the future demands of the aging population.

Fujitsu is also a technology leader in designing devices such as mobile phones – and even intelligent walking sticks – for the senior user.  Fujitsu’s ‘Raku Raku‘ or ‘Easy Easy’ devices are packed with unique human-centric breakthroughs. For example, conversations can be easily distinguished in noisy places with our audio technology and incoming audio can be slowed down without altering the pitch, making speech comprehension easier. This technology helps older folk keep connected and present in a fast moving world, improving their wellbeing and general health as a result.

No one should get left behind or excluded in the race to develop cutting edge technology. With humanity at the centre of its philosophy, this won’t happen at Fujitsu.

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