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At the first of our Fujitsu Forum preview sessions, Forrester’s Rachel Dines and Fujitsu’s own Hiroaki Kondo spoke in front of a live audience to discuss some of the issues driving both the storage market and the development of Fujitsu’s new Eternus storage range.

Here’s what they had to say:


Rachel Dines, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Rachel talked the audience through some of the issues that she’s hearing from clients in her role at Forrester. She noted that there are five big issues that are driving the demand for a new generation of storage:

  • There are continued challenges with storage and resiliency. An average 60% growth in enterprise data, combined with increased availability demands (24/7/365 is now the norm) mean that there’s no time for downtime
  • Complexity is getting out of control
  • The reliance on IT to deliver is becoming greater. A Forrester business continuity survey in 2012 noted that 36% of applications are now considered to be mission-critical
  • At the same time, IT is being asked to deliver on a flat budget. European CIOs are increasing budgets by less than 1%
  • And the wider business isn’t satisfied with what IT is doing for it.

That first point around data, explained Rachel, is in itself being driven by four issues: companies are capturing more data per transaction, regulations mean that more data needs to be retained for compliance, the fear of deletion means that we’re scared of getting rid of anything, and the growth in application data means that compression is becoming harder.

That, Rachel noted, is the prompt for a “business-centric data centre” – one that moves the world along from the hardware-focused model, or even the more current software-focused one, and instead begins to drive towards a genuinely enterprise-ready setup.

Doing that successfully means IT focusing on three areas:

  1. Understand business requirements and match to IT capabilities
  2. Mix workload centric with multi-purpose agile infrastructure
  3. Automate as much as possible to focus on innovation

We spoke to Rachel after the keynote to explore some of those issues in more detail. Check back later this week for that interview.


Hiroaki Kondo, Corporate Vice President, Fujitsu

Announcing three new products in the Eternus line, Kondo-san noted that they are the culmination of more than 40 years of experimentation and development in storage.

With the focus on mainframe-oriented quality from day one, he explained, more than 1,200 Fujitsu personnel from around the world have been involved in the development of the Eternus DX S3, SF16 and CS8000 lines.

Much of the talk around the new Eternus range has been on creating products that provide business-centric storage – the flexibility and adaptibility to users‘ real business priorities and deliver on the promise of  the ’always on enterprise‘.

We’ll be talking to Craig Thomson, Head of Product Marketing, about what that means in more detail later today.

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