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Earlier this year, a Business in the Community report revealed the employment challenges facing the over 50s.

Titled ‘The Missing Million’, the study highlighted that we’re all living longer and that the ageing population is expanding exponentially.

Today there over 10 million people in the UK over 65; government projections suggest this number will double in the next 20 years.

As the state pension age continues to rise, it’s imperative we look at how technology is enabling the valuable and ongoing contribution that the ageing population plays in society.

Improving the smart home

The idea of smart meters may already be firmly entrenched, but what about smart houses?

The advent of the internet of things and more recently AI is showing more and more of us how connecting household objects can not only assist but improve our day-to-day lives.

Fujitsu is currently undertaking the Kiduku research initiative in Ireland on smart houses and independent living for senior citizens and patients.

By placing sensors around the house it becomes possible to monitor patients’ movements along with their physiological and physical state. This allows for 24/7 healthcare, since collected data can be analysed and sent directly to doctors and help them instantly identify if a patient is ill (or about to be).

Wearable technology also enriches and enables a more useable experience, meaning that when outside the smart house sensors still constantly collect and feed information back to the hospital or carer allowing the delivery of intelligent care solutions.

Taking connected healthcare to the next level

Smart healthcare means cost saving for hospitals, as doctors’ time is maximised to providing important patient care and beds are freed up for only the most ill.

Connected healthcare also provides patients with an all-important sense of independence, allowing them to live without feeling constrained by their medical condition.

Last year Google secured a patent for the development of a smart contact lens to monitor glucose levels for diabetics. The role of connected devices in healthcare is truly showing the transformative nature of technology in our changing, evolving world.

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James Maynard

James Maynard

Offering Management Director - Global IoT & Innovation at Fujitsu
James Maynard

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