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February means only one thing for anyone in the mobile space – and increasingly beyond it – Mobile World Congress (MWC). Hosted annually in Barcelona, MWC sees the great and the good of the technology world (with the notable exception of Apple) converge on eight rather large halls. There’s a lot of walking, a whole heap of talking and best of all, a mammoth amount of new technology that will shape the next 12 months (and beyond) in mobile.

At a time when it is high on the agenda, this year the internet of things (IoT) played a prominent role in proceedings for many organisations. At Fujitsu, we told the story of IoT in different sectors – from financial services to manufacturing.

The central focus was the human benefit, and the way IoT can change our lives for the better – this is what we describe as human centric innovation. It allows us to be more mobile, more productive, and more effective – particularly in our working lives.

Take Fujitsu’s hyperconnected van for instance. This gives workers WiFi access wherever they are, allowing them to remain connected to the central hub at all times. But, it’s so much smarter than just that. It also contains RFID equipment, allowing for real-time stock monitoring creating the ability to trace parts, tools, and consumables.

GPS allows the van to plot the most efficient routes, tapping into the RFID to ensure you have the right parts for each job. On top of that, an AR headset allows you to continue the IoT journey while working on the job, with an AR overlay helping workers complete any job with instructions where needed.

Link this with the drowsy driver app, which monitors how long and how far an employee has driven, along with our Vital Sensing Band, sensing falls, and the health and safety benefits become clear.

All in all, this offers a total change to the way we work. We talk about how we live in a connected world now, but products and solutions like this have the potential to completely alter our way of life.

The aim of all of this is to ensure we’re completely connected, all the time, to allow us to improve our working lives.

As IoT becomes increasingly mainstream, expect to see businesses invest heavily in this ‘emerging’ technology as they look to increase productivity in the most future-proof way possible.

And (I had to mention it) – let’s not forget about the now infamous connected cow, as featured on BBC Click. Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have seen some moo-murings on this, but if not, check it out and get involved.

Find out more about Fujitsu’s connected cow on the BBC iPlayer (from around 7:30).

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