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Today, we’re introducing a new series of podcasts that focus on financial services and the crucial role that technology has to play in the sector.

We’ll be bringing together experts from the realms of retail banking, insurance and more to pick apart the most pressing issues facing the financial services industry.

In the inaugural episode, our host Andrew Hilton, director and co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI), is joined in the studio by two Fujitsu experts.

Director for retail banking in the UK and Ireland, Anthony Duffy, and his counterpart in insurance, Mark Boulton, pick apart our recent Fit for Digital research and discuss the impact that digital disruption is having on the financial services industry.

Over the course of the conversation, Andrew, Anthony and Mark dive into some of the most prominent digital threats to established banking and insurance organisations – and the opportunities that greater digitisation might bring too.

The way that technology is affecting value chains, customer service, and individual product offerings form a key point of discussion on this first FSP episode.

Andrew and his guests also investigate the impact of open data approaches and the upcoming updates to data protection regulations: what will this mean for the financial services industry, and will we see new players entering the market take advantage?

On episode two, coming next month, the trio take on the topic of co-creation and its importance to banks and insurers in the age of digital disruption.

You can stream and download all Fujitsu FSP episodes over on Soundcloud, or via iTunes and the Podcasts app.

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