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According to government projections, in 20 years’ time the number of people in the UK aged 65 and over will be 19 million. This presents a huge challenge to public services, and highlights the very real need for alternatives to current aged care provisions.

Earlier this month I wrote a blog about the Centre for Affective Solutions for Ambient Living Awareness – CASALA – a research centre which partners with companies like Fujitsu to pioneer new approaches in caring for the older population.

In this video, we see the results of the KIDUKU Project, a joint initiative launched by Fujitsu Laboratories in conjunction with CASALA and research institution INSIGHT. This project focuses on the development of advanced sensor-based technology to help elderly people maintain independent living in Ireland.

Discover how the team has created virtual reality model ‘the cave’, where they work to understand the needs of older people before developing cutting-age ‘smart’ apartments.

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