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Mobile World Congress was once again a veritable feast of technology. Here are our three key take outs from the conference and what they means for industry in the next 12 months and beyond…

A new reality

There wasn’t a stand at the show that didn’t have virtual or augmented reality built in. Highlights included Samsung’s VR rollercoaster experience, as well as our very own Head Mounted Display augmented reality solution for the connected worker. But it was Mark Zuckerberg who stole the show, entering Samsung’s press conference to an entire room connected to virtual reality headsets. The picture went viral confirming VR as theme that dominated the week.

What does this mean? Augmented reality (AR) is key part of the internet of things (IoT) family. We believe we’ll see movement towards AR in the workplace, allowing employers to increase productivity, reduce the skills gap and maintain safety standards, while also allowing employees to work more flexibly. VR on the other hand will begin to permeate into our personal lives. We’ll see it ingrained into gaming far more than ever before, but will we ever see it on people on the high street? Only time will tell!

IoT and everything

A major topic for the show, much like AR and VR, was IoT it was everywhere. The Fujitsu stand itself was dedicated to the IoT theme, telling its story in different sectors, from connected workers through to financial services and manufacturing. And it wasn’t just us: from pet accessories (there were many) to mobile phones, IoT was all encompassing. On the backdrop of a big picture that is seeing governments focus on the benefits of IoT, this isn’t a surprise.

What does this mean? Technology is about to get even smarter. From tracking our pets, to knowing when to milk our cows, we’re starting to see the real-life benefits IoT can bring. We will see IoT become a mainstream and the conversation is already moving from a future to present tense.

We’re heading for a mobile-first world

Mobile has become our first – and indeed only – port of call for everything. We’re increasingly using it for every aspect of our lives, from exercising to working remotely. For everyone in the technology industry this means a shift; whether that’s in creating adverts that are compatible with smaller devices, or making the shopping experience smoother on a mobile device or using it as a gateway for out other connected kit.

What does this mean? Realistically for most of us, it means much of the same. Consumer behaviour has already changed entirely, based predominantly on the rise of the mobile device, so this will simply cement its dominance. What we will see in the background (or on the business side) is a push towards a mobile-ready business, no matter what sector you may be in.

What did you think of this year’s Mobile World Congress? As always, let us know your comments below, or by engaging on Twitter @Fujitsu_UK.

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James Maynard

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James Maynard

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