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We’re absolutely thrilled to be making our debut at Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London this week. The show has grown over the last few years, and, from what my colleagues are telling me, it very much feels like an international retail show incorporating all the great and good of the retail & hospitality sectors.

If you’re thinking about coming down, here are three reasons to come and say hello…

1) Driving efficiencies – we can support retailers in driving down cost

Our focus is on loss prevention, loss of items, and theft. We’ve got some really exciting security solutions here, particularly around the point of sale. Another area is tackling the issue of cutting waste – and if you look at Dynamic Store Merchandising, for instance, you can see technology can really make a difference.

2) Technology can help to grow your business

Analytics is a big trend a lot of people will be talking about at RBTE – and this feeds directly into helping businesses grow. What makes us different is that our analytics solution isn’t based on one technology. WiFi, Beacons, facial recognition – they’re all out there right now – but like no-one else we can tie those threads together into one platform.

3) Enhancing customer experience is key

With more choice than ever before, the power is well and truly in the hands of the consumer. As a result, retailers are now focussing on how they can enhance the customer experience to say ahead of the competition. Putting technology in the hands of store staff can do just that – be it to speed up a queue, or enabling customers to pay from anywhere in store.

Outside of Fujitsu, there’s an attractive draw from the line-up of speakers this year – the likes of Ebay,, and Google will all be popular. These sorts of conferences are a great way of networking – particularly if you’ve got people you want to meet up with.

Getting around to see everything in trade shows can be close to impossible, so some preparation in advance can go a long way. This is particularly true if you’re looking to attend a number of speaker sessions.

From personal experience, a good tip is to be super focussed and clear from the start on what you want to get out of the conference.

It’s the moment you start having conversations with people on various stands, to scratch beneath the surface, that you realise there’s so much to discover.

Again, for me it’s about knowing your own challenges and being open minded to how technology can be used to solve them.

Come along and see us at Booth 670 – you can register for free via our RBTE page here. We look forward seeing you there!

Find out more about Fujitsu’s Connected Retail in the video below:

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Rupal Karia

Head of Public & Private Sectors at Fujitsu UK & Ireland
Rupal leads Fujitsu's business serving public and private sector organisations in the UK, encompassing Retail, Hospitality, Public Sector & Government, Manufacturing, Utilities, Telecoms and Services.

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