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Let’s face it, whether it’s taking your morning train, paying for coffee with a contactless card or connecting with colleagues virtually, technology features in pretty much every aspect of your daily life.

In recent years, tech has transformed our personal and private lives, and the pace of change is only increasing. In fact, 88% of Britons agree that technology is driving societal change in the UK.

We believe passionately that technology can be a force for good in the UK, just like more than half (53%) of our population. But it has to benefit everyone.

As the pace of transformation increases, it’s vital that we include everyone in the conversation about what tech can do today and will do in the future.

Fujitsu’s technology is behind many of those daily events; so much so that we impact 99% of the population every day. You may not have heard of us, but chances are we’ve met before. Here are just six examples of how technology underpins life in the UK – and how Fujitsu helps

When you’re at home

Homes are the focal point of our lives and everyone wants a home that just works. Whether you’re watering the plants or making your tea, our technology helps one third of the UK get its water, keeps the lights on in 20 million houses, and helps people take their first step on the property ladder.

Fujitsu’s technology has even made it easier for people to buy a home. We’re helping social enterprise group Home Group to provide 55,000 high quality homes in the UK, with tools that help their team to work more efficiently and from anywhere.

The UK is on the brink of the fully connected home, containing smart devices from fridges that can order groceries to sensors that can help older people to live independent lives. We’ll be there to help you get the most out of the connected world to make your home life work better.

When you’re at work

Work today isn’t where you go; it’s what you do. Being able to work anywhere, in the way you want while staying connected is vital for your success and satisfaction.

We worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland to help over 70,000 employees work flexibly and from any device. Workers can collaborate wherever they are, making for an exciting environment that stays ahead of customers’ needs.

From reliable cybersecurity to algorithms that simplify your most routine tasks, we’re helping workers become more productive. And as tools like artificial intelligence shape a workplace to your needs, we’ll be there to help.

When you’re on the move

Whether you’re on the train to work or flying away for your holidays, you need transport that’s seamless. Fujitsu’s support enables 15 million train journeys each day and improves passengers’ experience for our largest and busiest airport, Heathrow, to name just a couple of examples.

We’re about to see a new age of transport in the UK – and we’re helping providers like Transport for London to prepare. Following our experience delivering WiFi for millions of commuters on the London Underground, we’re now helping to plan for new challenges, like self-driving vehicles and beyond.

However you’ll be travelling in 10 years’ time, we’ll ensure it’s safe, smart and comfortable.

When you’re enjoying some leisure time

The way we like to shop is changing fast. In fact, 7 in 10 of us agree that retail, a sector that’s an essential contributor to our economy, has been transformed by technology.

Fujitsu has helped ensure that shopping experiences are convenient and enjoyable, whether it’s getting your eyes tested in-store or online grocery shopping. We help Ocado to manage its warehouses and schedule deliveries right to your door.

Now we’re shaping the shop floor of the future, with innovations like smart mirrors for changing rooms and AI-powered self-checkouts. Watch this space!

When you’re building a brighter future

The success of the UK will depend on everyone being ready for our digital future. The majority of Brits believe that education is the most positive use for technology – and over 55s are the most enthusiastic – perhaps because they are the parents of a future generation of workers.

We’re helping students to gain skills that will serve them for a lifetime in our Education Ambassador Hubs, while our Certificate of Digital Excellence helps teachers develop digital skills to share with the next generation. Our tablets are enabling social workers at the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) to help vulnerable children more intuitively.

As technology evolves, we’ll be empowering students – and teachers – at colleges like UTC Reading to use emerging technologies as they develop.

When you’re thinking about the bigger picture

Technology has the potential to be a force for good, and it’s up to companies to work with the government, local communities, charities and each other to improve the world around us.

At Fujitsu, we’re helping charities like Macmillan Cancer Support to use technology to help even more people. In the last two years, we helped to create a 360-degree video to help patients with head and neck cancers prepare for treatment – as well as raising funds for the charity.

This is only the beginning of the journey. Three quarters of Brits believe that the UK has changed in the last five years and will change more in the future.

As technology continues to shape life in the UK, we want to ensure that it’s a positive, unifying force for good – and that Fujitsu remains a part of the story.

We’ve definitely met before – and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.

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