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Data breaches are a regular occurrence and consistently dominate the news agenda. From retailers to big banks, it feels like there isn’t a week that goes by without news of the latest data loss. Only 9% of consumers have faith in companies to keep their data secure, according to research from Fujitsu. Most recently, we have seen organisations such as Ashley Madison and Experian in the spotlight.

The truth is many businesses still fail to recognise the reality of the situation we all face, and the effort required to combat these attacks. Companies are no longer fighting against malicious individuals, but a sophisticated criminal industry.

To combat these criminals, organisations need to work with the right partner. At Fujitsu we’re proud to have been ranked number four worldwide in a Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) report on Vendor Rankings for IT Security. The study looked into managed infrastructure services, communication, defence and more. It was compiled after multiple interactions with Fujitsu in different countries and events, research and user surveys.

To help us achieve this, Fujitsu has a dedicated Fujitsu Security Services (FSS) unit operating in PAC’s biggest markets including Japan, USA, UK and Australia – just to name a few! PAC cites 2,000 people work on cyber security at Fujitsu and on top of that, we lead the way in Japan in IT services overall.

As a company, we want to ensure organisations are better prepared for this changing threat landscape by sharing insight and best practise into IT security from leading experts around the world. For instance, we recently published annual report that reveals the top 10 things to watch out for in cyber security, including the growth in DDoS attacks, biometrics and the importance of data.

Managing and mitigating these risks is proving increasingly costly and complex for organisations, at a time when security budgets are coming under greater scrutiny. What’s more, the stakes are higher than ever as organisations strive to do more than simply protect their critical information and look to safeguard their reputation and revenues.

In these challenging times, organisations need to be able to work with a trusted partner who can bring a range of specialist experience and expertise to bear on security and continuity challenges. We are proud to say Fujitsu can help leading organisations better protect their business from today’s cyber attackers.

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