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As businesses increasingly move to fully digitised operations, organisations have to overcome new information controls, and reduce the risks around data manipulation, or theft.

Cyber security as a discussion can no longer be left until the next quarterly risk review, or even assessed on risk alone. We believe cyber security has to be a critical agenda item in every boardroom across the globe.

It’s now all about proactivity. Business leaders can’t wait for the inevitable to happen. Instead this is about putting the right controls in place to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attack threats.

Fujitsu and security – hand in hand

At Fujitsu, we have one of the largest dedicated security practices in the UK and Ireland, and our aim is to keep our customers one step ahead of the bad guys. I was lucky enough this month to be shown around Fujitsu’s Security Operation Centre (SOC) in Warrington to find out more, and learn about the work of the team.

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The SOC has been running since 2008. What started off as a handful of network engineers has grown into a huge team providing support to everything from firewall and web services to vulnerability management. I could see how my Fujitsu colleagues have worked hard to create our own destiny in the security space, with a crystal clear focus on the top priority – protecting our customers.

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One of the key things I took away was that intelligence underpins everything. Better intelligence of the threat landscape can really help teams be more proactive – which is key in today’s digital era. It’s also about no longer viewing security as an added extra, but instead as a nucleus and that you have to build your infrastructure around it.

Going that extra mile

So how does Fujitsu go that extra mile? By having its very own war room. Yes – you heard that right! With things constantly changing in terms of new discoveries and legislation, contracts signed in 2010 are not always relevant five years down the line.

As time goes on, contracts need to be adapted consistently to ensure organisations are not at risk to new and advanced threats. By having all the data in one place, from huge screens detailing what’s happening over the network, to threat attack maps detailing where the honeypots are – Fujitsu can monitor the web 24/7 to see what exactly is going on and if they need to respond.

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Onwards and upwards

It’s time for businesses to be vigilant – and go beyond thinking of hackers as the stereotypical teenager working from a laptop in their bedroom. Cyber criminals are sophisticated, and they are smart – and organisations need to partner with the right people to help combat these threats.

Find out how Fujitsu can help the hunted become the hunter in cyber security.

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