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July is always an exciting month for us in the UK – and not just because we catch a rare glimpse of sun. It’s when London hosts the Fujitsu World Tour.

This year we’re focusing on one of our biggest challenges: what makes the difference between success and failure in digital transformation.

Co-creation is at the heart of our digital transformation philosophy.

With that in mind we’ll be gathering technology experts, innovators and business leaders to share experiences that you can apply to your own transformation journey.

But with panel debates, tech demos, breakout sessions and even an artificial intelligence cocktail robot, there’s going to be a lot to take in. Here are five things to look out for…

1. Flexing your digital muscles

Most business leaders want to expand their digital capabilities, but succeeding in practice can be very challenging; 71% of businesses are worried about their ability to adapt to new technology.

The focus for our keynote sessions will be the realities for businesses on the ground, including the core competencies that make up your ‘digital muscles’; those factors that make the difference between success and failure. Television and Radio Broadcaster Steph McGovern will host panel discussions to explore why co-creation is the fastest and most effective route to digital strength.

With panel guests including Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, Post Office and BAT, the sessions are a must-see to understand how to build up your own digital muscles.

2. In-depth digital for your sector

Throughout the day there will be sessions and demonstrations to get under the skin of digital in your sector.

Lee Hopley, the chief economist at EEF, will join us to explore the future of UK manufacturing, while we’ll be demonstrating how the Internet of Things is creating a smarter factory floor in our showcase.

In Retail and Hospitality we will examine the latest retail trends and the importance of putting the consumer at the heart of the digital strategy –whether you’re interested in bricks and mortar or online – or both!

Over in the public sector, Bronwen Maddox of the Institute for Government will be considering the immediate and future challenges facing public services. We’ll also explore the role of Technology in a Transforming Britain, with Nicola Holderness, formerly of the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Meanwhile, we’ll discuss how to turn innovation into reality in the energy and utilities sectors, with special guests from Innovate UK, Thames Water and SGN. You can also try our enterprise wearables designed to promote employee safety.

And there’s so much more – we will examine inclusion in the world of education, the seamless digital passenger journey in our transportation breakout and the disruption that’s in full force in financial services.

3. Bringing artificial intelligence to life

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming mainstream, but it can be difficult to work out how your business should approach it.

We’ll be hosting a talk featuring industry analysts PAC and our own Dr David Snelling to discuss just that: what artificial intelligence can offer and how you create real benefit from it.

There will be demos of AI across the show to bring the technology to life, including loss prevention at retail self-checkouts and cyber-attack detection in the public sector. And don’t miss our special guest – an AI cocktail robot.

4. The new co-creation manifesto

In need of some co-creation inspiration? An all-new feature at this year’s Fujitsu World Tour will be The Hub – effectively, Fujitsu’s version of the TED Talk stage.

This year our guests will be sharing new perspectives on digital co-creation, including the power of the crowd, why the hero innovator is a myth and a co-creation manifesto.

Steph McGovern will join guests from five universities, drawn from the length and breadth of the UK, to discuss co-creation between two apparently very different worlds: academia and industry.

To give you a flavour of what’s to come, check out last year’s insights from a former teenage millionaire.

5. Powering 1,000 mph travel with the cloud

Things certainly won’t be slowing down for the afternoon; in fact, we’ll be hearing from Oracle, our Innovation Partner about their work to support the 1,000 mph supersonic car from Bloodhound.

David Cottee from Oracle will explain how they’re helping to collect and analyse data from over 500 sensors on the vehicle, all through the power of the cloud.

The Bloodhound SCC will be parked outside the show all afternoon – so be sure to go outside for a look.

* * *

That’s just a taste of what’s to come at Fujitsu World Tour – and there will be plenty of opportunities to network, with delicious food and drink throughout the day.

Remember to register for a ticket before coming along to join us at The Intercontinental –  The O2.

You can also follow the event on Facebook and Twitter, using the #FujitsuWorldTour hashtag if you’d like to join the conversation.

We hope to see you on Thursday 12th July!

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