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It’s with great pleasure today that I can announce Specsavers has chosen Fujitsu as its digital infrastructure transformation partner.

We’ll be working with the team at Specsavers to transform their in-store technology in 1,179 stores across Europe.

The aim, of course, is to improve both customer experience and the working environment for employees.

We’ll be doing this by enabling Specsavers staff to make better use of customer data and allowing employees to be more easily track orders, incidents and service improvement.

Our end-to-end intelligent services will free up Specsavers staff and store partners to focus on running their businesses, and looking after the people who matter most – their customers.

Working across Europe will also give us the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of a seamless digital approach, joining the dots across countries as well as between branches.

The new service will also, of course, include all-important heightened security measures.

Data protection is increasingly at the top of every board’s agenda, and with good reason: as our ‘DataHeaven or DataGeddon?’ report showed, the stakes could scarcely be higher when it comes to personal data.

Seeing clearly

This is a partnership we’re particularly proud of. It’s at the kind of scale that will mean we can have a real and visible positive impact on Specsavers’ customers and employees alike.

For Specsavers, it’s about more than just selling glasses.

Phil Pavitt, Specsavers Global CIO, has spoken of wanting to change lives for the better. Helping people to see better is naturally a big part of that, but continuously adapting and improving the customer service experience is, in many ways, just as important.

When you consider that more than 31 million people around the world used Specsavers in 2016, and that one in three people wearing glasses in the UK buy them from Specsavers, that’s plenty of lives we can help improve.

This passion for putting the customer first is something we’re happy to share with Specsavers.

We’re looking forward – with 20/20 vision, of course! – to making this improved experience a reality, and seeing our partnership with Specsavers develop in the years to come.

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Rupal Karia

Head of Public & Private Sectors at Fujitsu UK & Ireland
Rupal leads Fujitsu's business serving public and private sector organisations in the UK, encompassing Retail, Hospitality, Public Sector & Government, Manufacturing, Utilities, Telecoms and Services.

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