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How should you feel when joining a new organisation? Apprehensive, or maybe a little nervous? Not sure how you’ll get on, how it’s going to work onboarding during a pandemic, or working remotely without meeting new colleagues?

Well, one month in at Fujitsu and I feel invigorated, empowered and excited! As Fujitsu’s UK Sales Director for Public Sector, let me tell you why.

Transforming how we work

I’ve been blown away by the breadth of capability, as well as how we’ve been able to bridge intimate system understanding with agile and co-creative ways of working, that have helped to transition customers from “the old” to “the new”. In a short space of time, Fujitsu has exceeded all my expectations, shaking off the view I and probably many others held of it, as a traditional infrastructure services provider – although there’s real innovation in that too!

Keeping our customers at the heart

One thing that has been evident is that Fujitsu is very focused on its customers, to build long-term trusted relationships. Rather than imposing services, Fujitsu industrialises the customers environment by adding to it in order to maximise their investment. Our services are defined by the strength of our relationship with government and that can be attributed to one thing – passionate, digitally minded employees. Here are a few examples that initially surprised me in terms of Fujitsu’s strength and depth of capability:

Fujitsu delivers at scale

Recently, Fujitsu won the contract to digitally transform and automate possibly the most high-pressure IT service desk in government. On behalf of the client Fujitsu coordinates the response to over 25,000 incidents and 12,000 tickets every month across more than 100 suppliers and 40,000 civil servants. Fujitsu delivers at scale and we’re trusted as a safe pair of hands. And in doing that we’re driving our efficiencies to better serve the client using Robotic Process Automation and digital channels such as self-service portals and artificial intelligence enabled agents or “bots”.

Quick and decisive action

Although Fujitsu is only one of a few privileged strategic suppliers, this is not a traditional relationship. When you are trusted with critical national infrastructure you must aim higher. During the first few months of lockdown for example, Fujitsu’s Law and Order team acted quickly to support several domestic abuse charities at a time when reports of domestic abuse to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline grew by 65%[1].

Providing critical services

We share our client’s vision to protect citizens as well as enable future services. We are proud that our services support the police both nationally and locally, thus – helping to save lives. Every police force in the UK relies on the services 24/7/365 and that we provide near instantaneous provision of identity information to make life-and-death decisions.

In addition, we maintain systems that handle millions of 999 calls and geographical location based information which tracks assets and officers while on duty. Furthermore, by supporting the aims of the National Policing Digital Strategy, we are innovating using AI for facial identification and low code development for Out of Court disposals (you can read the blog by Andrew Inwards our CTO for Police and Public Protection, here). Here too the value of being a responsible business is especially critical and we are proud to sponsor Team Police helping them to address the wellbeing of officers through sport.

But transformation isn’t just about enabling citizen services, it’s also about back office too – that’s where the real opportunity exists to address technical debt and where digital transformation has far from reached its full potential. Fujitsu also plays a major role in providing IT services for the HR systems for 350,000 civil servants. Fujitsu runs both the biggest on-premise Oracle eBusiness Suite deployment certainly in EMEIA; as well as the largest implementation of Oracle Cloud not just in the UK but for any government worldwide. Having come from Oracle this is close to my heart.

More broadly than Oracle though, Fujitsu’s Hybrid IT offerings are aligned to the government’s cloud strategy and are foundational to deliver digital transformation. We deliver expertise around open source cloud technologies and containerisation, to securely modernise and migrate services to fully cloud native, public cloud with both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure (yes we partner with all the major IT providers). On top of that we apply agile methodologies and ways of working, providing fully managed Infrastructure as Code platforms and DevOps capabilities.

As we learn to live with COVID-19 and our outlook becomes brighter, it’s important to note that digital transformation has still got a long way to go and our customers are only just beginning their journeys.

[1] House of Commons Library, Domestic Abuse and Covid-19: A year into the pandemic, May 2021

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Philippa Bradley

Philippa is responsible to Fujitsu’s strategic engagement across the public sector and has an exemplary track record and experience supplying services to customers across Central and Local Government, the NHS, Police and Higher Education.
Prior to joining Fujitsu, Philippa was Head of UK Public Sector ERPM at Oracle and before that, Philippa spent over 18 years with CGI UK Limited and its predecessors, Logica and CMG.As a Vice President at CGI, she had P&L responsibility for the UK Local Government and Health businesses with over 300 staff who delivered ICT and BPO services to over 100 UK public sector customers.
She has worked closely and effectively with the Government oversight functions such as Cabinet Office, Crown Commercial Service and Government Business Services (formerly known as Government Shared Services), as well as with senior stakeholders across the public sector.

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