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With the internet fast becoming the destination of choice for consumers, it’s without a doubt having a knock-on effect on their retail expectations and, by extension, the high street.

The growth in the popularity of online shopping shouldn’t be viewed as a threat to the high street; it should be seen as an opportunity for bricks and mortar retailers to reinvent themselves and embrace digital.

Innovate your experiences

Retailers need to think outside the box when it comes to creating heightened experiences for customers, and the recent babble around Amazon is a prime example of this.

As Amazon looks to use augmented and virtual reality in its furniture and electronic stores as it moves further into bricks and mortar, the company is demonstrating how technology can provide an in-store experience that offers customers an exciting new way to shop that they won’t have had before– setting themselves apart from competitors in the process.

Once again, Amazon is showing that it is intends to disrupt the retail market and, although AR and VR is nothing new, the idea of using them in-store currently isn’t widely adopted. This is where other retailers are missing a trick.

It’s a sign that Amazon is continuing to find ways to differentiate itself by offering customers an experience they won’t get in any other store, and driving purchases by allowing shoppers to interact with products in new and innovative ways.

Set yourselves apart

Cost and quality have now reached a point where there can be little difference seen between them. Retailers therefore need to find ways to match this challenge, to ensure they’re finding innovative experiences and services to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Shopping instore is now very much experiential and, by introducing innovative new ways to shop, retailers can enhance that experience by making it more interactive and digitally enabled. Those that do will be the retailers that stand out in a noisy retail landscape.

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Rupal Karia

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