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Last week we featured the first winner of our DEVELOP3D and AEC magazine giveaway, which saw two industry professionals take home a Fujitsu Celsius H730 mobile workstation.

Here we chat with our second winner, Bill Campbell, to find out what he thinks about the workstation and the impact it’s having on his day-to-day work.

Tell us what you do…

I’m a Senior Industrial Designer at a start-up, and I also do some freelance design work in my off hours.

What does your job entail?

Generally speaking, my job is to help identify and communicate problems with regard to the design of manufactured products, before implementing solutions.

In some cases, my freelance clients just need a little help in conception, but if the project scope allows, I try to discover unmet needs and find a way to address them that helps the project and business move forward.

What do you use workstations for?

I use a variety of software in my work, including Open Office, Chrome, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Solidworks, Pro E, Alias, Rhino and V-Ray, so a good workstation is extremely valuable.

What problems did you have with your old system?

My old system was a self-built tower, and while it had worked well for several years, it was getting old and things were slowing down to the point that it was affecting my workflow.

At my previous job I had a notebook workstation that crashed constantly and had outdated drivers with little in the way of meaningful tech support. It also weighed a tonne – absolutely no fun in airports!

What are your first thoughts on the CELSIUS H730 system?

I love it so far! The fit and finish are really good. I like the styling – it’s not too over the top, but very indicative of a modern, quality device that should last and perform. I love that there is a numerical keypad, and the feel of the keys is good. The screen is great – it’s very crisp and clear without too much glare.

Overall, it seems really solid, quick, and zippy – very refreshing!  It offers exactly what I would expect from a new PC with this kind of processing power.

What improvements are you seeing within the business using the new system?

It’s a faster, more reliable workstation that’s easily portable. I’ve had projects where it would have been useful to do some work onsite or be able to show things in real time – a tower isn’t practical in this regard, and corporate IT security measures made VPN access to an offsite workstation difficult and unproductive. The Celsius workstation makes this a viable option

How has this helped you in your day-to-day role?

It’s certainly boosted efficiency, as I’ve experienced very few crashes related to the system or drivers.  I have one client who will be very happy that I can potentially work with them onsite on their next iteration.

Do you plan to buy any Fujitsu technology in the future?

I will almost certainly buy a docking station, back-up battery and charger in the near future, and perhaps some networked storage. I had a Lifebook about 10 years ago and was really pleased with it, and if this Celcius workstation turns out to be as reliable as that was, I will probably be a Fujitsu customer for life!

You can find out more about Fujitsu’s Celsius Workstation here

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