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Our annual global conference, Fujitsu Forum 2015 has kicked off in Munich today and it’s already buzzing.

The press and analysts’ day has been packed with forward thinking insight from some of the world’s leading figures in technology.

“Digitisation is the biggest challenge” facing companies today, according to Duncan Tait, Fujitsu EVP EMEIA.

Coupled with the global megatrends such as population growth, as well the world’s economic challenges, Duncan said execs currently face ‘a very interesting time’.

Speaking during today’s press conference, he said: “People are more uncertain and are less confident than they were last year. And strangely, they are less confident than [they were] in 2008-09.”

Also during his press conference, Duncan said the launch of Fujitsu’s MetaArc digital business platform will have big implications for Hybrid IT. With organisations trying to strike a balance between maintaining legacy systems while adopting new technologies, MetaArc is perfectly placed.

“MetaArc will be Fujitsu’s global answer to how we address this balance question,” he said.

Bi-modal IT is emerging a big theme for this year’s Forum. And debate is already heating up around how businesses should be responding. Is just a case of slow IT versus fast IT?

“Bi-modal IT is a helpful shortcut,” said Ian Thomas, Strategy Director of RunMyProcess.

“But multi-modal is where we need to go. Don’t think of it in black and white – [instead] they are two ends of a spectrum. This allows you to take an organisation forward and evolve it to a new digital environment.”

“IT managers are cool again,” thanks to business-centric infrastructure. That’s according to the VP of Fujitsu’s Global Server Business, Uwe Nuemeier.

He explains: “The hyper-converged infrastructures of today are all about making sure customers get a different type of choice from the past. The investment you used to take at the beginning was intensely high, but it’s changing right now.

“It means IT managers are cool again – these deployments take a short period to set up, and are easy to understand.”

Technology and the Internet of Things is going to deliver big benefits to healthcare. Describing the healthcare innovation Fujitsu supports with the KIDUKU project in Ireland, our Michael Keegan said: “Delivering business benefit is all about real data driven decision making – not just relying on gut feelings.”

dr reger fujitsu forum 2015Artificial General Intelligence is a long way off, according to our Global CTO Dr Joseph Reger. Responding to a question in his freeform ‘What’s on the CTO’s mind session’ he said: “We’ve been talking about General AI since the 60s. We’re still quite far away, but that’s not a problem.”

This is because of the lower level self-learning AI routines around right now can add far more value to businesses with task-specific systems, he added.

Next year will see the emergence of more ‘brave CIOs’ hopes Fujitsu’s Helen Lamb, executive director, Managed Infrastructure Services. She said the days of the traditional way of doing IT ‘are gone’ and behaviours will change as a result.

“CIOs are now choosing an IT partner where they going on a journey together,” she said. “More are hungry to be the first to try new things. They understand it’s riskier, but they’ll fail fast and succeed quickly.”

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates from Fujitsu Forum, and you can follow the action live on Twitter @FujitsuEventsUK and #FujitsuForum


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