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We’re all a little more excited than usual at Fujitsu HQ. Why? Because there’s only one more sleep until World Tour 2016!

Last year was huge – more than 10,000 experts attending 18 events across five continents. But this year will be even bigger and better, with more stops and participants than 2015.

With the theme of ‘human-centric innovation in action’, the day is sure to be packed full of big ideas and interesting conversations.

From the internet of things to big data and mobile technologies, there’s going to be plenty to wrap your brain around, but here are some of the things we’re most excited about at the London leg on Tuesday…

Keynote speaker: Dr Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer, EMEIA, Fujitsu

As Fujitsu’s chief technology officer (CTO) and the man responsible for predicting implementing IT market trends that will benefit our customers, it’s fair to say Dr Joseph knows a fair bit about innovation in this sector.

But he doesn’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. Any innovation has to have a human benefit in mind – how can we use IT to make people’s lives more convenient and enjoyable?

Read his recent interview on human-centric innovation for a flavour of the topics he might cover in his talk.

Keynote speaker: Orlando Machado, Chief Data Scientist at

Data is what drives MoneySupermarket’s business, and they’ve got more of it than most companies. But the challenge lies in putting that data to good use, and the man responsible for overcoming that challenge is the brand’s Chief Data Scientist Orlando Machado.

He understands better than most how powerful data can as a tool to learn about customer behaviour, which in turn can inform new products and transform the way you do business. But security must be a high priority too.

The hyper-connected world – making sense of IoT

By 2020 we predict more than 50bn things will be connect to the internet, creating a hyper-connected world better known as the internet of things (IoT).

This session will explore how IoT has helped connect people, objects and information to generate valuable information that can be used to inform major business decisions.

Creating a digital culture

All companies should be thinking digital as a given. But while this comes naturally to some organisations, for others it requires a complete shift in culture. And with disruption rife across all sectors, digital transformation is no longer optional in the long-run.

In this session we’ll cover a number of key steps that will help your organisation achieve the right culture for digital success.

Financial Services at a Crossroads: which way is right?

Join business editor and broadcaster Simon Jack as he discusses the crossroads that the financial services industry is at. With customer demands for technology evolving and increasing access to data, the next few years will be crucial for firms in this industry.

Anyone who saw our New Pace of Change report go out back in April will know this sector is a fascinating one for technology innovation. Financial services are ripe for disruption, but which companies will come out on top?

Intelligent mobility: the digital future of travel

The transport networks of the future will have a much stronger focus on the passenger experience, embracing the concept of mobility as a service and transforming the way we travel.

Panellists from Heathrow Airport, Highways England and Transport for London (TFL) will join this session to explore the positive impact digital technology could have on transport, from improving passenger access to better matching supply and demand.

Keep your eyes on Twitter…

Of course there will be lots more going on than the above, so make sure you check out the full agenda to see what grabs your interest.

And please do join the conversation on social media – we’re offering two prizes: one for the best photo tweeted using the #FujitsuWT hashtag, and another for the best response to the question, ‘What does digital mean for you?’ Read the full terms and conditions for more info.

We’ll also be livestreaming interviews with some of the above speakers through Periscope, so keep your eyes on our Twitter feed.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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