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Pets are popular in Japan. So much so in fact, that, cats and dogs outnumber children under the age of 15 by almost 5 million.

This animal loving nation also has technology innovation at its core – so we’re seeing some interesting  developments.  Remoca recently launched a dog food bowl camera, giving you the ability to check on how much your dog is eating and drinking – and automatically top up with food and water. At Fujitsu we launched the Wandant pedometer, which allows owners to check on how much exercise their pets are getting and maintain their pet’s health.  What is even more interesting is a new cloud service, Anicom Recepter F Series – which has been created in collaboration by Fujitsu and Anicom, Japan’s leading provider of pet insurance.

Currently in development stages, the service will allow animal hospitals and vets to adopt an incredibly sophisticated approach. Through advanced data sharing, vets will be able to provide a highly coordinated service across multiple practitioners in a number of locations. This would include accessing medical histories, sharing up-to-the-minute expertise, statistics and advanced diagnostic information between all participating practices.

Beyond an improved level of efficiency and satisfaction, pet owners would also benefit from easy access to a medical handbook service to check test results, dietary instructions and medication guidance via personal devices such as smartphones.

An initial rollout to 1800 Japanese animal hospitals is being planned and, if successful, this system could then be adopted by other countries in future.

The UK, with an estimated 13 million households having pets and a pet population of almost 24.5 million, could make an excellent western trial country.  Intelligent pet insurance, reduced customer churn, value -add ecosystem driving new revenue streams with highly loyal customers anyone?  But beyond that – these sophisticated techniques can be applied to healthcare across the board.

When it comes to the East and innovation – there’s plenty to draw from…

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