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As you can see, we’ve made some changes to how we categorise our blog articles.  Although our old categories helped to explain what we do here at Fujitsu, we didn’t think they necessarily reflected the interests of our readers.  Here’s a little more on what you’ll find in each new section:

Reshaping BusinessCUL-27mrk0132rf

How do we use technology to make a real difference?  Our customers might include both public and private sector organisations across a broad and varied range of industries, but many of the ICT challenges they face are very similar.  From effective and secure migration to Cloud services to desktop virtualisation or the challenge of adapting to the needs of a mobile workforce, organisations of all kinds are facing the same issues.

Reshaping Business will take a practical look at these challenges and more, with the aim of providing relevant, actionable insights for ICT decision makers and business leaders.

CNFujitsu and SMEs

Large enterprises such as Fujitsu and small-to-medium businesses are often seen as worlds apart – but we don’t believe this should be the case.  Both have different things to offer and to deliver the best results for customers, our view is that businesses large and small must collaborate effectively.  This belief infuses our own interaction with SMEs including those we partner with and those who form a significant part of our supply chain.

Within this category of the blog we’ll be bringing you real examples of our own work with SMEs as well as our opinion on how large and small businesses can collaborate more effectively in the future.


Developing new technologies – or new applications of technology – to solve business and human problems is a vital ingredient in our success.  Fujitsu’s innovation heritage goes back over 75 years, from telephone switching systems in the 1930s, through plasma screen technology in the 1980s, to palm vein biometric security systems today.

In the Innovation category we’ll discuss not just Fujitsu’s own technology innovation from the UK and across the globe, but also technology trends and our thoughts on what the future of ICT will bring.

FlowerResponsible Business

At Fujitsu we believe success is measured not only by financial results, but also by how well we look after our employees, how much we contribute back to the communities in which we operate, and how we minimise our impact on the environment.

This section of the blog will tell the story of Fujitsu’s Responsible Business approach – including employee charity fundraising, practical environmental sustainability, employee well-being and our views on the importance of Responsible Business to UK society.

Fujitsu Newsnews

With 14,000 employees and over 35 locations in the UK and Ireland, there’s a lot going on within Fujitsu.  These blog posts will bring you our latest news and updates – ranging from business successes and awards to employee activities and much more.




These updates to the blog categories are just the first steps to update and improve this blog – so look out for lots more coming very soon.  I’d be very interested in your thoughts on what you’d like to hear about, or in any other feedback you’d like to provide – feel free to email me with any comments.  Thanks for reading!

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