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Fujitsu’s global Chief Technology Officer, Dr Joseph Reger, opened the floor to guests in his highly-anticipated What’s on the CTO’s mind session at Fujitsu Forum, fielding questions on everything from cloud to the future of healthcare.

So what exactly is on the mind of Fujitsu’s Global CTO? Here are my personal highlights from this inspiring Q and A:

  • The Internet of Things

There is no such thing as Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Dr Reger claimed – the IoT is a technical term to describe a range of technologies coming together to connect things. People don’t understand the IoT and can’t define what it means, but they do understand that it’s important. Turning the IoT into a technical term to describe technology coming together, he told guests, will make it easier for people to understand the next step – how it will impact business.

  • Digital efficiency in healthcare

Ageing populations, Dr Reger continued, present an “incredible problem” that causes governments across Europe to spend between 10-12% of GDP each year on healthcare. What makes this more difficult, he explained, is that the healthcare society isn’t geared towards prevention, but healing – something that digital transformation will change.

Fujitsu Labs is running a project in Ireland, he explained, that uses sensor technology to find out why, how and when old people fall. Dr Reger explained that innovations like this that facilitate the collection and analysis of data will enable healthcare professionals to make predictions and treat conditions better. In order to make a difference in healthcare, he concluded, IT needs to “literally get under our skin”.

  • Technology in manufacturing

Dr Reger identified 3D printing as the driving force behind the transformation of manufacturing, and something that will see the cheap, mass production model shift to one increasingly focused on local, bespoke production.

“Don’t underestimate what’s going to happen in the next couple of years when it comes to 3D printing”, he told guests, before revealing that 20 to 30 parts within most modern cars are created this way. This, he continued, will have a huge impact on supply chain efficiency.

Dr Reger closed the session by telling the audience that “everything that can be digitalised will be digitalised… and the rest as well” – a very fitting sentiment to summarise this year’s Fujitsu Forum.

Jim Millen

Jim Millen

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