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Today Fujitsu is launching Digital Inside Out, a research report examining attitudes to digital services across the UK.  As these services continue to transform our everyday lives, we at Fujitsu wanted to compare the performance of organisations across the different sectors where we support customers, in terms of how well they are delivering the digital promise.

The early results reveal a nation that clearly understands the value of digital services, but also appreciates there is still sometimes no substitute for face to face interaction.  Speaking to business leaders, employees and consumers, our research indicates that more than 20% of us will always choose the digital approach when it’s offered, with greater speed (66%) and simplicity (62%) the main motivations.

As for the sectors doing the best job of providing digital services to their customers, our research highlights two distinct leaders: Retail and Financial Services. Online banking is the most used digital service (67%), with online shopping coming in a close second (66%), with both considered the joint most valued digital services in the UK (63%).

The rise in popularity of these services is reflected by a growing confidence amongst Brits in the use of digital applications – 63% claim that they feel comfortable with the services now offered to them.

Whilst there is much positivity in the report, there is plenty of room for improvement, with some sectors clearly having a lot to do – not least in providing greater integration between different online/offline channels and between front office/back office processes.

Other key findings included the importance of organisations being digital from the inside out.  This means ensuring employees have at least the same digital capability in doing their job as their customers have, enabling better customer service.   Too many examples were cited of an appearance of a modern digital customer interface, underpinned by clunky manual processes.

Finally, the research did confirm that there are many people – whether for social, economic, educational or geographical reasons – who are not able to use digital services, even when they want to.

This new Fujitsu-sponsored research supports the view that customers and citizens are demanding seamless service from the organisations that they interact with – no matter which channel they use.  Whilst we’re undoubtedly speeding towards a digital-first society, we are still some way short of a digital-only world.

For more information, download the full report here.


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