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Is it possible to reduce the costs of your applications portfolio and yet still increase the value it provides your business?

With Fujitsu’s Application Value Assessment (AVA) service then your application dreams could become a wonderful reality.

Typically the service can be so successful that we enable circa 50% reductions and they can be realised within 3 years.   At a cost of just £20K the AVA service is a real breakthrough in quickly and effectively changing an application portfolio for the better.

Within any organisation there is often the possibility to improve the application landscape.

What can an Application Value Assessment achieve?

The scope for an AVA to improve a business applications covers numerous factors, it can show organisations how to;

cost value
  • reduce the costs and resources consumed by out of date or redundant applications
  • reduce application support costs
  • reduce application management costs
  • reduce the complexity of applications
  • find duplicate applications and identify solutions to removing them
  • ensure the applications  which offer the most business benefits receive the most support
  • increase effective response and performance of applications
  • ensure applications match the business objectives
  • and much more…


 Application Value Assessment – identify the issues and find the solutions.

Often there are possibilities of decommissioning or consolidating your applications for major cost and service benefit. Enabling more efficient applications helps to support business change.

Application outsourcing can be part of the solution in so various business areas. Often changes need to happen to the overall application environment before the benefits of outsourcing can be identified or any recommendations of specific outsourcing can be made.

It all seems simple enough and there is a reason for that. Our experience and AVA understanding makes sure the process is straight forward and effective. We identify the problems and provide the solutions quickly and most importantly with justifiable cost benefits.

 So what are you waiting for? Let Fujitsu make your application portfolio dreams come true.

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