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The Americans have an interesting proverb; “Hats off to the past; coats off to the future.” It counsels a focus on action rather than resting on your laurels. At Fujitsu, proactively taking action is what continued to shape our approach after successfully integrating the Civil Service Pension (MyCSP) pay element requirements into the payroll system for a large UK public sector organisation. It means that 35,000 employees can be sure that their pension contributions are not only accurate, but also transparent.

Sure, it was ‘hats off’ to that achievement, but then “coats off” to the next phase of ensuring that their payroll is fit-for-purpose in a rapidly changing environment. We all know that the world of work has been transformed. Usually, that kind of claim is mere hyperbole, but as we come out of the pandemic it’s urgent reality. Everything about work has changed, and that means there will be knock-on effects to the way that salaries and wages, overtime, expenses (as well as pensions) and different work contracts need to be calculated each month.

Go back two years and few people would have predicted such a radical shake-up in the way we work. The beauty of Oracle Payroll is that it’s designed to flex to accommodate change. By adding it to your HCM or cloud arrangements you’re future-proofing the most critical element of the HR function: ensuring people get paid on time and accurately.

In our latest Insight Guide (To read the Insight Guide please click here), Payroll Makes the World Go Round, I and my colleagues Sarah Wadsworth and Eddie Davidson talk about why it’s important to fully bring payroll into the digital age, to ensure that it works seamlessly in the present and can cope with the challenges of the future. We all know that there will be change; there is always change. So, it’s vital that we’re ready for it.

We achieved the MyCSP integration by working together with our customers within the government department where we’d been tasked to deliver tangible change that benefited employees directly. We call it our ‘One Team’ approach: a carefully staffed cohort of experts who worked closely with stakeholders to achieve specific outcomes within a clear timeframe. That’s how we like to work. We’re not just a contractor, but a partner.  And one that goes above and beyond, because we don’t see the ‘contract’ as a set of boundaries, merely a template for possibilities.

We can’t tell the future – and we don’t even attempt to – but what we do know from much experience, is that Oracle Payroll delivers what’s needed now and is agile enough to shift and adapt as the future brings new demands and challenges. Quarterly updates mean that you are able to keep moving forward with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the system will become more efficient, adapt to both radical and nuanced change, and keep you compliant.

Why is that important? Well, it’s more than just the usual ‘future-proofing’ ability of software that we’re all used to. It’s actually about the future of HR as a profession. The new world of hybrid work, and the increasing demands of new generations of employees who expect a much more personal (we call it human-centric) service from HR, means that we need to leverage the power of digital to free HR professionals from process so they can focus on engagement.

I know it sounds incongruous but, believe me, Oracle Payroll is key to achieving that goal.

To read the Insight Guide please click here

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