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I think it’s fair to say that the security of our personal information has never been as big an issue as it is today.

Whether it’s the NSA or our TVs that are supposed to be watching our every move, the issues of data privacy and security seem to be moving steadily from the periphery of the public conscious and into full view.

davidAwareness over just how much data there is out there on everything from who we talk to, what we buy and even what we watch on TV is growing fast; in short, I think we’re more interested than ever about who has access to our information and what they do with it.

It was with that thought in mind that we began the journey towards a major new piece of research, which launches today. The cannily titled DataHeaven or DataGeddon report reflects the views of 3,000 British consumers on a range of issues relating to data privacy, and questions how close we are to either of those two extremes.

On the one hand, we have the idea of DataHeaven: a potential data utopia in which our personal information is used sensitively and stored securely by those organisations that possess it. On the other, DataGeddon: a world in which our trust in those same companies is fundamentally undermined by everything from inappropriate usage to data breaches.

I’ll leave you to read the full report to discover where we stand today, and you might also be interested to check out some expert views we collected as part of a video investigating some of the research themes in more detail. You can see that below.

Personally, I’m hugely optimistic about the opportunity inherent in that DataHeaven – and I mean that for consumers and businesses alike. The personal benefits might be obvious, with everything from safer online shopping to a more joined up customer experience coming to bear.

At the same time, I think there are clear, tangible benefits to those brands that are able to stand up and show that they store and treat data with the highest regard, too.


David Robinson is CSO, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

You can download a free copy of DataHeaven or DataGeddon here. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the findings, either in the comments below or @Fujitsu_UK.


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