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How does David battle Goliath in the highly competitive software marketplace?

Traditionally with great difficulty, anyone who has worked in the IT industry for a period of time and has procurement in their role will have encountered the bright, fresh start-ups who have taken a great idea and turned it in to product that blows away anything the big boys are doing. However the fact that they are small often restricts their ability to provide enterprise class service, support and reach. This usually results in the consumer falling back in to a comfort zone where they select from the traditional large software players and in the main those promising & innovative products remain niche, die or are swallowed up by the big boys to remove potential competition.

The primary reason the David’s fail to fully compete is that they often do not have the funding or the ability to develop the ancillary services to deliver and support their product. In most cases this is far more difficult and expensive than developing the bright idea.

If you were one of these start-up ISV’s (Independent Software Vendor) imagine a situation where all of the necessary business supporting services were provided for you and it was as simple as uploading your application and setting your price, imagine if this was provided by a trusted top 3 global IT company and imagine if they offered all of this from their globally available cloud platform with truly innovative commercial models that included revenue sharing that ensured that the most valuable of assets in a small business, cash was only flowing out of the door with the success of more of it coming in.

Now that is a powerful sling shot to carry with you and one that I believe will introduce a levelling of the software marketplace playing field, enabling the consumer to have a much richer choice. It will ultimately lead to the traditional large players having to be more price competitive too because of the increase in viable alternatives to try to retain market share.

Now imagine if such an ecosystem were available today for ISV’s…

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