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On Wednesday, we ascended London’s iconic Tower 42 for a roundtable on the retail customer experience – a joint event hosted by Fujitsu and Retail Systems magazine.

The session was headed up by Jeremy Wilson, COO of Practicology, and attended by Fujitsu’s Retail Client Engagement Manager David Lowrence and Engineering Services Business Development Manager Andy Mears.

We were joined by a host of big names in retail, including Kelly Good, Service Experience and Standards Senior Manager at Burberry; Mark Fabes, Director of IT & Digital at McDonald’s; Alex Murray, Manager, Web & Multichannel Development at Waitrose and Shiva Kumar, Group IT Director at Snow & Rock Group.

We’ll be catching up with David later this month to discuss his thoughts on the round table in further detail – but until then, here are five things that got us thinking…

  • Facilitating the purchase itself is now only one role a retail store needs to excel at. Customer immersion, engagement and excitement as virtues that brands need to offer – rewarding those who visit a store even if they don’t intend to make a purchase this time.
  • The answer to the showrooming threat is to make it easy for customers to see, compare and buy your products online while in store. Some retailers are actually offering customers access to competitors’ websites in order to price match there and then if necessary.
  • Click-and-collect is great in theory – but if you have to queue up when you arrive, the experience is ruined. Innovation around mobile and location awareness from Fujitsu would enable stores to know when a customer is in-bound and get their collection ready.
  • Retailers could offer collection of competitors’ products. It’s a mindblowing idea, but generating footfall to a store by offering collection of other brands’ products bought online could offer an opportunity to up-sell.
  • For McDonalds, going contactless wasn’t about having the latest tech for tech’s sake – Mark Fabes calculated that cutting each serving time by 3-5 seconds nationwide offers the same ROI as opening 30 new stores across the United Kingdom.

You can read the full report in November edition of Retail Systems – on sale 25th October.

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