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At Fujitsu we’re seeing the disruptive impact of digital technology on every sector and job role – and that includes marketing. The marketing function has transformed dramatically over the last 20 years, with the advent of new digital tools and indeed the rise of disruptive start-ups positioned to challenge even the most established brands.

So how can brand marketers ensure that they stand out in the age of digital and make sure they engage today’s audiences?

Be an expert, inside and out

As a brand marketer, you should naturally be an expert in your own company in order to know where room for movement, improvement and success can lie. However, your expertise should also extend to the market your brand falls into.

Knowing the ins and outs of their market is vital for marketers to work confidently in their field. Understanding current trends, direction and how tomorrow will be different from today will be the difference between working successfully in the marketing industry and potentially failing flat amongst fellow marketers. Marketing teams must understand their target audience, the challenges that organisations are facing and how their own business and services can add real quality value.

Teamwork is something marketers have to embrace in order to see their goals take shape. They must have an intimate understanding of their own business; rather than being siloed, marketers must develop and maintain strong relationships with the sales and operations teams, among others.

That way, marketing can act as a strategic function and give businesses insight into where the market is going and how the business can navigate the most important trends. This will give the marketing team authority and help them have an active position in ensuring the success of the business.

You’re never too late to learn

Across every sector, markets are moving faster than they ever have before, especially with the growth of digital and the rise of disruptive start-ups.

With technology at our fingertips, marketing teams must embrace new ideas and the opportunities that new technologies can offer, both in terms of analysing audiences and executing marketing campaigns.

Knowledge is something you’re unlikely to have too much of in this industry so stocking up on all the latest insight will ensure you’re confident in your rhetoric.

There’s also a fantastic opportunity for reverse mentoring here, as younger members of the team can share their insights on the newest tools and their effectiveness. Marketers must always welcome the opportunity to learn new things and learn from their mistakes – in summary, a recipe for success: win fast and learn fast.

Collaboration is king

Encouraging new ideas and opportunities for growth will inspire creativity, therefore it is important to welcome them and embrace people who are passionate about marketing throughout the organisation.

These are the people businesses need to ensure are onside and prepared to be vocal about the marketing team’s successes.

Stakeholders should not be forgotten until the last hurdle here, but rather communicated with throughout the marketing process. By including and collaborating with other stakeholders, you will increase the credibility of the marketing team and its longevity within the business.

With digital becoming the heart of many brands core business and strategies, it presents an opportunity as well as a challenge for marketers and there are great rewards for those who succeed.

Whilst new technologies and tactics aren’t always easy to adopt, it is vital to try and stay ahead of the game where possible. Understanding, development and collaboration are key in this digital age and success lies with those who exemplify this.

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Chris Patton

Head of EMEIA Transport Marketing at Fujitsu UK&I
Chris leads our EMEIA Transport Marketing team having previously being appointed as Head of Fujitsu UK & Ireland Marketing. Chris has over 20 years’ marketing and alliances experience in the technology sector, across a number of senior management and board level positions with channel and software vendors including SCC, EDS and Camwood. With responsibility for ensuring the effective creation and timely execution of the marketing plan for Transport across EMEIA, Chris leads a dedicated team of professional marketers who share his dedication for delivering comprehensive and compelling marketing programmes and understanding of the sector.

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