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This October, we are honouring Black History month by hosting webinars, sharing inspirational stories, and partnering with our LGBT+ Employee Network to host a shared event.  At Fujitsu, we know that we are more creative, collaborative and successful when we have a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are anti-racist, and are proud to follow the Fujitsu Way (our corporate philosophy) which clearly states:

“We respect fairness and equality, and promote diversity and inclusion”

Black History Month has been observed in the UK for 30 years to celebrate the contributions and achievements that black people have made (and are making today!) to advance civilization, and to show our respect for the struggles, discrimination and unfair treatment that they have undergone.

As a technology company, we would like to take a moment to recognise some of the black inventors and engineers who have enhanced our world with their contributions. These amazing pioneers and role models inspire us to make a positive difference in the world- as they have- and give us hope that we can do better.

Do you…

Dr Shirley Jackson

Use the phone? Dr. Shirley Jackson contributed to major developments of fiber optic cable, caller ID and call waiting.  Read more about Dr. Jackson’s journey here.

Marian Croak

Surf the web? Marian Croak, VP of Engineering at Google, who holds over 135 patents, with 100 pending, most in VOIP. Be inspired by Marian Croak here.

Otis Boykin

Have a heart? Otis Boykin’s improvements to the pacemaker has saved countless lives. Learn more about his 26 amazing patents that changed the world here.

Dorothy Vaughan

Dream of space? Dorothy Vaughan was an African American mathematician and human computer who worked for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and NASA.  Read about Dorothy Vaughan amazing accomplishments here.

Jerry Lawson

Play video games? Jerry Lawson is known as the “Father of Modern Gaming” who pioneered the commercial video game cartridge, and is the reason that gaming exists in the form that it has today. Read Jerry Lawson incredible story here.

Roy Clay Sr.

Use a PC and feel safe while doing so? Roy Clay Sr. worked with HP on developing PCs, and then started his own company to ensure their electrical safety, becoming a member of the silicon valley elite. Learn more about Mr. Clay here.

I hope that you are as inspired by these visionaries as I am! Look for more from us on  how we are growing our dynamic Cultural Diversity Network, and the actions we are taking to achieve racial equality.

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