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Responsible Business is embedded in our DNA at Fujitsu.

As we were named Business in the Community’s (BITC) responsible business of the year in 2015, we’re thrilled to be celebrating Responsible Business Week (starting today, Mon) as part of our on going commitment to behaving responsibly.

We’re 80 years old as a company, and what we call the Fujitsu Way – our guiding principles and values – alongside our Japanese heritage, means our culture naturally allows us to think and behave in this way.

Responsible Business Week this is important for all businesses because it’s a great opportunity to come together, share learning, and showcase best practice. It’s also about celebrating this huge network of organisations that can say they are responsible businesses. We’re supporting the week this year, as this gives us a chance to support BITC as well as help grow its membership.

As part of that, you may have seen we’re currently surveying young business leaders on their views on what responsible business means to them. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues are really important to future generations, and we believe all businesses need to take action and act in a responsible way.

We all need to think about how leaders of the future view responsible business, to help organisations like BITC shape their own agendas to best support the next generation. We want to hear the issues that are important to them, and what their feelings towards responsible businesses are.

For instance, according to the results we’ve seen from the poll so far, one in four young people their company would ask them to compromise on being responsible and ethical. This, along with some of the other critical findings, will be discussed and debated at our Future Leaders summit on the 11th July.

Responsible business is a moral obligation – it’s the right things to do. As an international business we pay a huge part in growth of several economies, and we want to make sure we’re doing it in the right away. We want to sustain our own business, while also having a positive impact on society.

A lot of what’s driving this is looking at the global megatrends – and helping to shape what are future society looks like, and answering some of the big questions such as population growth and energy scarcity. We want to discuss the role of technology in tackling these issue, while also remembering it’s all about people. We call this Human Centric Innovation.

Another way this manifests for us is our commitment to developing a diverse, inclusive and enabled workforce. We have a family of four inclusion network groups: Women at Fujitsu, Shine LGBT+, SEED (Supporting and Engaging Employees with Disabilities) and Cultural Diversity Network. Shine and Women at Fujitsu have both been recognised as Awesome Networks by Inclusive Networks.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we look forward to sharing the results in BITC’s annual Corporate Responsibility Index – our seventh year in taking part. This annual benchmarking exercise is designed to reinforce good practice, encourage improvement and track progress against our industry peers. Fujitsu is also part of the working group of organisations which help shape and improve this index going forward – and it’s been fantastic for us to be involved again!

On Wednesday we’re reflecting on our Action for Children partnership from the last year and half, right here on the Fujitsu blog. And on Thursday my colleague Shannon Woollcott is speaking on a BITC panel at Portsmouth University about creating workplaces that are free from bias or injustice.

Responsible Business isn’t just limited to Fujitsu of course, and a whole host of other events will be taking place through this week with BITC. For a full list head to their website to find out events near you, and how you can get involved.

If you want to get involved with the discussion online, you can join in Twitter by using the hashtag #RBweek

Find out more about what winning the right way means to us in the video below:

If you’re aged between 16 and 25 your views are really important to us – the findings will be debated at our Future Leaders summit in July. Complete the survey here, it will take no more than two minutes of your time. On top of that, we’ll be donating £1 to Action for Children for each of the every first 1,000 completions!

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