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Duncan Tait, Head of EMEIA, Fujitsu, used his keynote speech at our recent Fujitsu Forum to send a strong message that being a ‘good’ business is not only about having strong technology and services skills, but about being responsible in the way it conducts its business.

“As we continue to journey towards the digitalised future, businesses should be looking for a partner with a conscience,” he began. “For me, finding a responsible business partner is about finding someone who can be trusted to not only help you to reach your business objectives, but someone who will maintain and protect your reputation as a good company.

“When we collaborate with customers and partners here at Fujitsu, we create better businesses, but we also improve social values along the way,” he continued.

With citizens, communities and businesses facing unprecedented pressure from threats like global warming and natural disasters, Tait shared how Fujitsu is working to alleviate the burden of two key global challenges – feeding a spiralling population and providing healthcare for an increasingly ageing population.

With the population set to grow by another two billion by 2050, Tait explained, Fujitsu’s Akisai cloud has been developed to improve efficiency in agricultural management through IT. This enables companies to produce more food at a better quality and lower cost – without using larger quantities of water or chemicals that are dangerous for our environment.

Ageing populations, he continued, are another challenge placing huge pressure on healthcare systems, and something which is seeing the global economy struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand. In Tokyo, he shared, Fujitsu has introduced connected healthcare solutions so that wherever an older person is are, they can get in touch with a doctor nearby.

The driving force behind these initiatives, Tait explained, is simple: “Responsible business drives our executives’ work. Yes, it’s a nice thing to do, but does it make business sense? Yes it does. Our customers choose us because we have great tech and services, but also because they see that we conduct our own business responsibly, and help others to do that too.”

Being responsible – it just makes good businesses sense.

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