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As part of Diversity & Inclusion week at Fujitsu, I’m talking to members of our SEED (Supporting and Engaging Employees with a Disability) Network about their experiences.  In this post, I’m speaking with Jacqui Wade, a facilities manager here at Fujitsu.

Jacqui, thanks very much for talking to us.  To begin, what does Diversity & Inclusion mean to you?

Well for me it’s the understanding of my line manager, and the ability to sit down with them and chat about issues around my health & wellbeing.

Can you tell us a bit about your experiences?

I have a long term condition – Lymphoedema, which for me means regular GP appointments and compression of my lower legs and ankles to aid my circulation.

I’ve also been diagnosed with mild to moderate osteoarthritis, anxiety and depression, which lead me taking some time off work a couple of years back, and something I still take medication for.

To top it all off I’ve reached that wonderful time in a woman’s life where I’m premenopausal. So being me can be a challenge.

What’s been your experience of working with a disability?

What I’ve found over the life of SEED and the adjustment passport is the freedom to just share, without fear of stigma or any repercussions.

If anything I’d say work has gotten busier and the expectations to deliver have grown since I opened up about what I can do, how I feel in situations, and what is just not possible.

I am lucky in that I don’t need any work adjustment and my movement, sound and vision are ok. I try to keep walking, although the days of crawling under the desk to tidy cables is in the dim and distant past.

There are good days, and of course bad. The walking stick is out more often (his name is Lionel – after the great uncle who once owned him), and I’m more likely to walk into a meeting room and spend 10 minutes with a mediation app. But both are fine with me and understood by those around me. I have the freedom to say ‘I need to talk’ and equally to say ‘I’m ok’.

And that is what D&I means to me.

Thank you very much again, Jacqui for taking part.  Look out for more posts this week as we celebrate Diversity & Inclusion at Fujitsu – and you can follow the SEED network on Twitter if you’d like to stay in touch.

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Sarah Simcoe

Sarah Simcoe is Head of Business Enablement EMEIA within Fujitsu’s Business & Application Services EMEIA business.Sarah is also the Chair of Fujitsu UK and Ireland’s Disability Employee Network, SEED, a role she has held for the last 15 months.

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