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Earlier this year, in partnership with Business in the Community (BITC), we launched a poll to see how future business leaders feel about responsible business. Duncan Tait explains how Fujitsu is proud to have been awarded BITC’s Responsible Business of the Year 2015 accolade and how we plan to grow the responsible business movement by encouraging future leaders to get involved in this critical debate.

Winning the right way summarises what being a responsible business means to Fujitsu. Responsible business is how we win and how we grow.

BITC Responsible Business of the Year planter logoWe are extremely proud to be recognised as BITC’s Responsible Business of the Year.  It reflects more than a single big idea or flagship project, it reflects the way we work.

One of our objectives for the year is to share practical examples of how businesses can win the right way, as inspiration to others. We want to show how strategic, focused, genuine collaboration can lead not just to a more sustainable future, but to real business growth.  We want to inspire future leaders and pass on our experience to help grow this critical movement.

Duncan Tait speaking on stage at the BITC Annual General Meeting

Duncan Tait speaks at the BITC AGM

This is why at the BITC Annual General Meeting back in December we launched a substantial piece of research, in the format of a short poll, in partnership with BITC and their Youth Panel to look at what our future business leaders think about Responsible Business and how they prioritise it.

What do you think? Do businesses behave responsibly enough?

If you are under 25 we want to know what you think.  Many businesses talk about being responsible, but are you seeing this in practice?  How does it impact your career and employer choices?

The results of this poll will be debated at “The Future Leaders Summit”, a first of its kind event we are organising to reach out to the next generation of leaders. Taking place on 11th July 2016, we will bring together people like you, from across the UK and abroad to gain a real insight into how our future leaders feel about the role of responsible business.

The results from both the poll and this debate will help us to understand the ambitions of this group, as well as their perspectives on the responsible business ethic of current business leaders.

As a thank you for sharing your views, Fujitsu is donating £1 per entry to our current strategic charity partner Action for Children.

Two male Fujitsu apprentices at the BITC Annual General Meeting

Fujitsu Apprentices at the BITC AGM

Why do we want to inspire future leaders?

We want to talk to a new audience of people, not just corporate responsibility teams who already live and breathe responsible business.  It is essential that we can engage, inspire and collaborate our future leaders at the start of their careers.

This is about passing on our experience, sharing our winning stories and growing the movement of BITC.

This year, for the first time, we will have a representative of the BITC youth panel on each judging panel for the BITC awards.

They will also be joining the CEO presenters on stage to announce the winners.

As a global technology leader, Fujitsu is committed both to the principles of responsible business and to sharing our experiences to grow the movement further.


If you are under 25, please complete the future leader’s poll.

Learn more about our year as Responsible Business of the Year.

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