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What could be scarier than jumping out of a plane?

How about flying through the air at record-breaking speed, more than 35,000 feet up, wearing only a wingsuit?

This is exactly what Fujitsu’s Fraser Corsan did recently as part of our Project Cirrus campaign to help raise tens of thousands of pounds for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity.

Subject to ratification by Guinness, he has broken the World Record for greatest peak speed flown in a wingsuit, recording a staggering 249mph (400kmh).

The official FAI observer is submitting the achievement to Guinness World Records for final approval, but if ratified it would make Fraser the fastest man in the world without the use of machinery.

He also smashed both the FAI Continental and FAI British altitude records, exiting the plane at a terrifying 10,823 metres above the ground (that’s roughly the length of 103 football pitches).

As if that wasn’t enough, our flying Fujitsu hero also beat the European record for the furthest freefall distance, flying through the air using nothing but his wingsuit for no fewer than 9,741 metres.

Who is Fraser Corsan?

His colleagues may know him as the guy responsible for business development within Fujitsu’ defence and national security arm, but for the past 15 years, Fraser has had a (mostly) more adrenaline-inducing side-project: jumping out of planes in a wingsuit.

Fraser did his first parachute jump back in 1996. Never content with the ordinary, however, he progressed to the love of freefall that would ultimately lead to his present-day wingsuit adventures.

His total jump count is now more than 2,300, including over 1,300 wingsuit jumps and 7,800 miles flown.

And he’s come a long way since those early parachute jumps. Today his suit is packed with all kinds of swanky tech – from heated gloves to oxygen supply and a data-logging device – that makes these incredible feats possible.

Check out the video below to learn more about Fraser’s specialist wingsuit:

Why is he doing this?

You might be wondering why somebody would dedicate so much time to putting their life at risk. Perhaps it’s partly for the thrill, but for Fraser there’s more to it than that.

These record attempts are in the name of raising money for charity – specifically for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity, an organisation that provides practical, financial and emotional support for Armed Forces veterans and their families.

So far he’s raised almost £40,000 for the charity – an amazing achievement that has been boosted by some high-profile coverage across TV, radio and national newspapers.

Check out Fraser’s appearance on Sky News below:

Get involved

In the lead-up to Fraser’s record attempts, we were asking people to #jointhejump and make a donation to SSAFA.

Obviously, the jump is over now but never fear – you can still get involved and help support the charity by donating to Fraser’s JustGiving page.

Here’s to the next big jump!

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