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Today is a proud day to be the CEO of Fujitsu Ireland.

Our team has reached another major milestone in our journey to become a more sustainable business. Following a rigorous process, we are proud to have been re-certified with the Business in the Community (BITCI) Ireland Business Working Responsibly (BWR) Mark. What makes this a particularly notable achievement is that this is the third successive time we have been recertified. We view this as a major validation of our long-term commitment to CSR and Sustainability.

For those of you who may not know much about the BWR Mark, it is the leading independently audited standard for CSR and Sustainability certification in Ireland. It’s awarded following a third-party verification audit by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) to those companies which are members of the Business in the Community network and who submit themselves and their CSR programmes to external assessment. The Mark addresses five pillars of Sustainability and CSR which provide a criteria for assessment in terms of our governance, workplace, marketplace, environment and community. Only the companies who score highly on each of these categories receive this coveted award.

I’ve long been a big fan of this Mark as it does something that CSR has always struggled with – measuring impact. Much like when we were all in school, the Mark provides an opportunity to get honest and measurable feedback in the form of a scorecard. This lets us look, at regular intervals, at how we are improving and what areas we still have work to do. Only by tracking our progress can we be sure that we are making sustainable change to the way we do business. In being recertified, we know that we are achieving a very high standard in terms of both our approach and our implementation of positive changes that benefit our employees, the environment and the communities in which we work.

The other reason why I am such a fan of this Mark is that it assesses how we collaborate to make sure our whole team is involved in the process. We’ve taken incremental steps to ensure that all voices are heard in the way we devise and deliver our CSR policy. It takes effort and time to ensure that CSR is reflective of the opinions of a diverse range of stakeholders, not just in the business but externally too. We regard our customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, government authorities, NPOs, NGOs and investors as stakeholders. To go far we, must go together and bring everyone on the journey.

For instance, we work with a large number of suppliers. We place an emphasis on procurement so that it plays a significant role in ensuring Fujitsu goods and services are procured from suppliers that operate to similar principles of responsible and sustainable business. We talk and work with them to understand their various impact on the environment and to foster good business practice that safeguard the natural environment. Change is never easy and can often be challenging but we must ask more of each other if we are going to tackle the major challenges of our generation for those who will come after us. We set expectations with our suppliers and ask them to agree to a Green Procurement Policy to formalize these arrangements as well as working with them to achieve goals like reducing carbon output and energy usage.

Responsible business is a leading priority for Fujitsu and we’ll continue to make sure that we’re improving by asking for feedback from those who know this area best. The path to improvement is never a straight line but as long as we stay committed to our sustainability goals and coax and encourage those around us to do the same we can keep achieving.


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Tony O'Malley

Tony O’Malley is CEO of Fujitsu Ireland and Chairman of the Fujitsu Ireland Limited board. He is leading the delivery of Fujitsu’s innovative ICT services to the public and private sectors.

As CEO, Tony is committed to creating value for customers and putting into practice Fujitsu’s vision to create a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

He also oversees significant research programmes in Ireland in collaboration with Fujitsu Laboratories Japan, in particular addressing Data Analytics and Healthcare systems for assisted living.

Tony sits on the Dublin Chamber of Commerce Council and is a member of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics Advisory Committee.

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