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There are now an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK.

If that number alone isn’t staggering enough, imagine the hundreds of thousands of people living with cancer who don’t have anyone to turn to.

Last year we announced our new charity partnership with  Macmillan Cancer Support, whose philosophy is that “no one should face cancer alone”.

Since we launched the partnership, Fujitsu employees have been enthusiastically fundraising for the charity. 515 of them donated an hour’s wage, raising an incredible £17,133 in total, while others were busy sending out care packages to those in need.

With World Cancer Day approaching, it’s a perfect opportunity for all of us to help people with cancer feel less isolated.

Here’s how you can get involved on the day…

Reaching out to those in need

Medical assistance isn’t the only way to help someone with cancer. Simply offering to help with chores like the school run or housework could make a massive difference to their emotional wellbeing.

Or perhaps you could offer to take them to a hospital appointment so they don’t have to be alone in the waiting room.

I urge everyone reading this post to think about anyone you know who has cancer (almost two in three of us have a close friend or family member with the disease) – maybe someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Pick up the phone and just have a conversation with them. Let them know you’re there and that they’re supported.  Or better yet: go see them in person.

Having someone to confide in is a hugely important part of dealing with this illness. People living with cancer naturally have concerns about their condition and their finances. They’re often battling with emotional stress. A seemingly simple action such as picking up the phone could have an enormously positive impact.

You can also show your support on social media by using the #WorldCancerDay hashtag and tagging @MacmillanCancer.

Beyond World Cancer Day

Of course, the need to be there for loved ones living with cancer doesn’t end after Saturday, and all of us, from individuals to corporates, can make a difference all year round.

I mentioned what we’ve already been doing with Macmillan to raise funds and awareness, but we’ve got plenty more activities lined up in 2017.

There’s going to be Easter fundraisers, our 5K My Way run in the summer, the world’s biggest coffee morning in September and lots more.

I’m really excited about the year ahead, but in the meantime I hope all of you can get involved in World Cancer Day on Saturday and help us make a difference to people’s lives.

Visit Macmillan’s World Cancer Day page for more information.

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