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As part of our efforts to inspire and enable young people to become the leaders of future, Fujitsu is a proud patron of the Prince’s Trust. Working with the Prince’s Trust doesn’t just enable us help the next generation. It also gives us the opportunity to meet a range of new companies and see the impact the work of the charity can have on these organisations.

One of those companies is Loving Life. Loving Life is a small business offering health and wellbeing services that has grown through the help, guidance, and mentorship of the Prince’s Trust.

We’re thrilled that our support can go towards helping entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and small organisations like Loving Life. It’s great that Loving Life is now also helping us deliver for our people here at Fujitsu.

How has Loving Life helped Fujitsu to support employee wellbeing?

Over the course of the pandemic, the way we support our employees with their health and wellbeing has had to adapt. As we moved to remote and hybrid working, so did our activities. We’ve arranged a variety of online events, wellbeing webinars, and online challenges to keep our staff motivated. This has been one of the ways we’ve been able to keep supporting our employees.

Loving Life has been one of the many companies we have chosen to use to help support our workforce and we have not been disappointed.

What webinars have been delivered by Loving Life to support our employees?

Loving Life webinars helped us support our employees on the transition between office, remote and hybrid working.

With the majority of our workforce working from home as soon as the pandemic hit, we needed to be able to provide information on how to work from home safely and efficiently. Loving Life’s webinar “Working from home – best practice” gave our employees the relevant information in a fun and informative way to ensure that our workforce is working safely. Our people liked that the session was “almost bitesized but had lots of useful, practical information” that was easy to take on board.

As we began to think about heading back to the office, we felt it was really important to ensure our employees had the confidence, support, and guidance to re-adjust to office working in the ‘new normal’.

Our ‘Work Your Way’ commitment means that our people can choose where and how they work. For some, this means a full or partial return to the office. We wanted to support those who wanted to be in an office environment instead of their home.

After the success of the remote working sessions, we once again turned to Loving Life to help us do this with their “Returning to a new normal” webinar. It was really valuable to hear about the process of change that we had all been through during the pandemic. Many of our employees said that they found it reassuring to see that their colleagues had the same worries and frustrations as them. It gave people a sense of belonging and allowed them to realise they are not alone.

A key topic in this webinar was anxiety. We all feel anxious at times and many of us have been feeling more anxious due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By sharing some simple and effective methods we can use to help us with our anxious thoughts, we can help each other manage our mental health.

Some of our smaller teams have also opted to use Loving Life to help motivate, encourage and support their colleagues with additional sessions on coping with stress, employee motivation and improving physical wellbeing. The feedback we’ve received from across Fujitsu has been fantastic. Those attending told us that the success of the sessions is down to them being informal and interactive and most importantly,  informative with actionable take aways.

Why is employee wellbeing important to us?

Our people are our most valuable asset. They are essential to the way we innovate and deliver value. We’re taking action to ensure Fujitsu is a great place to work where we empower people to reach their full potential.​  This starts with looking after their health and wellbeing. When it comes to wellbeing, we look at the 4 main aspects of wellbeing: Mental wellbeing Physical wellbeing, Social wellbeing, and Financial wellbeing. Each part feeds into the other and we use a range of suppliers to help cover all areas.

What other initiatives are Fujitsu running to support employees?

We talk a lot about togetherness and co-creation at Fujitsu as key to achieving success. To make this a reality internally and take care of our people, it’s important for us to create a community and give our employees that feeling of belonging.

In the hybrid working environment, we need to achieve this in different ways. For example, we set up regular “Virtual coffee sessions” which allow employees to connect with people on other sides of the business and offer a break from work. We have embraced internal online communities and use platforms such as Yammer to connect our workforce. We’ve even organised virtual book clubs, quizzes, and fancy-dress team meetings which are always good fun.

For more information on our wellbeing strategy and ideas for your organisation, visit the Wellbeing pages on our website.

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