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I’ve been nominated as a Role Model! 

I have been privileged to work for some truly amazing companies and learn from some deeply inspiring people over my 28 years in IT.   I’m glad to say that every day is still different – I learn something new all the time, and I love that.    One of the main reasons that I still enjoy what I do, is down to the people that I have met in the past, the ones I work with now, and the new people I will meet in the future.    

When people ask me what I do, I often revert to deflection tactics, because honestly, sometimes I feel like an imposter.  My standard answer is “I spend my time helping people and processes work brilliantly… My role is 10% charm, 70% winging it, 15% buzzwords and a little bit of luck”.     If you were to ask my 12 year old son what I do, he will roll his eyes, and say “She makes PowerPoints and talks a lot”.  That’s actually true too.

Anyway…. back to that sprinkling of luck I just mentioned.  That is what I thought when I was nominated (woop!), and then down selected (double woop!) for the category of Role Model in the 2021 Women In Tech awards.  “Oh wow, Em, you’re so lucky to have been nominated!” I told myself.  Surely it’s not all really luck though, is it?   Maybe I actually AM a role model, in the eyes of some people?    One thing I don’t do well is take compliments, or “own it”.   So, I’m going to give it a go:

I am my own kind of role model because:

  • I can emphasize, and I care deeply (my grandparents take all the credit there:  they brought me up to appreciate the little I had)
  • I’m not afraid of anything (well, except big hairy spiders)
  • I will always say sorry if I need to (I might do that too much actually)
  • I am mostly always bright and breezy (because some days are harder than others and I do think humour and kindness helps)
  • I’m good at multitasking and yet able to focus fully on the right thing when its needed (single parenting does that to you, you know!)
  • I’m a honest, and independent woman (I blame that on bring an Aries)
  • I’m a bit ballsy (its all in the star sign!) but… and I think this is my secret sauce
  • I will drop everything to lift others up – I don’t take credit for other people’s brilliantness, and I’ll always be honest

There are so many different types of role model out there, but I genuinely believe that the more variety, the better.  Everyone needs someone… I really hope that all women working in IT today will reach out to the people they trust and ensure that they have someone on their side, helping them make the most of their future.  Imagine how powerful we would all be if we had our very own cheerleader on hand?

Emma has been nominated for Role Model of the year: Tech at the Woman in Tech excellence awards! View the category and the rest of the nominees on the Women in Tech awards site here. We wish her and the rest of the nominees all the best.

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