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During Responsible Business Week we’ve been delighted to see many businesses come together to demonstrate their positive impact, while learning and sharing new ideas with other organisations to enable them to do even more.

It was natural for Fujitsu to be a part of this conversation, as being responsible is at the core of what we do. In fact, at the beginning of the week we celebrated achieving a 5-star rating in the BITC Corporate Responsibility Index. We are the only IT company in the UK to achieve this standard – and one of only six overall.

This is a fabulous endorsement of the great work of Fujitsu across every aspect of our business. Responsibility touches everything we do, from how we invest in our people, our payment terms, hiring policies, sustainability, and our programmes which help social inclusion and diversity.

BITC Seeing Is Believing visit led by Michael Keegan, Chief Exec

On Wednesday, I was privileged to lead a Seeing is Believing event in Southwark, as part of our work with Business In the Community (BITC), The name really encapsulates everything that this is about – showing the way businesses can enact positive change in the communities which they serve.

For many who attended, it was their first experience of seeing what their business could do in the community.

The idea is to enable people with business skills to connect with the needs of their local community through the Business Connectors scheme. It’s a very well thought through programme which helps businesses realise the value they can add to their surrounding environment and achieve a great outcome for everyone involved.

BITC Seeing Is Believing visit led by Michael Keegan, Chief Exec

This presents a fantastic opportunity for Business Connectors to grow on a personal level; it helps us to grow and improve as a company; whilst also acting as a catalyst for positive change in areas that need it the most.

On Wednesday we went to visit a charity called 2nd Chance – which helps young adults get from being unemployed into work.

We met a small group of fantastic individuals going through that programme and we could see first-hand the difference it was making. There was even one person who had made it all the way through and was now working as a recruitment executive.

BITC Seeing Is Believing visit led by Michael Keegan, Chief Exec

It was amazing to be able to see the issues, and find out about how each individual was progressing. For everyone who attended it was hugely motivational to see the life chances this charity is offering to people.

In the breakout session afterwards where I was facilitating discussions, I could hardly get a word in edgeways – but I see this as a positive thing!

Both the connectors and the people in the charities were so animated and engaged with one another – a spark had been ignited.BITC Seeing Is Believing visit led by Michael Keegan, Chief Exec

It made me feel so proud of the work we are doing here at Fujitsu. We have built a reputation for being socially responsible and I hope we are setting an example which others will follow – it’s vitally important to all of us.

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