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World Cancer Day is on 4 February and, as part of our partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, we’re encouraging all our employees and our wider community to get involved and help us spread the word.

Macmillan is here all year round, supporting people whose lives are affected by cancer and we want to be there too.

Recent Macmillan research shows that a cancer diagnosis is now as common a ‘life milestone’ as marriage or getting a degree. Whether it’s a personal diagnosis or a colleague, family member or friend, having cancer can affect us all in one way or another, yet many of us can struggle to understand what they’re going through. This could be because we don’t know what to say and/or because we are worried we might say the wrong thing. Macmillan also know that some people find being supportive too upsetting.

Cancer can be one of the hardest experiences a person will go through, and Macmillan know that simply being there for someone can make such a difference. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, and it’s sometimes the unexpected acts of kindness that can transform someone’s day and make all the difference.

One of our Fujitsu Charity Champions lost her Grandmother to cancer. “We were extremely close and I found it difficult. I lived with a feeling of guilt – I should’ve/could’ve done more to support her (sometimes it was too difficult to visit).

“Fortunately, I’m older and wiser now but thank goodness for charities that offer wonderful support and advice… however, did we cope without them!”

Julia Doherty a Fujitsu Charity Champion from Solihull said….

“I love organising fundraising events for Macmillan, as cancer touches so many people and it makes me feel like I’m doing my bit to support those in need. Reading the feedback from some of the cancer patients that received our care packages really puts things into perspective.

“Bringing people together to organise an event generates a wonderful team spirit and I enjoy watching people have a bit of fun whilst supporting a great cause. People always astonish me with their generosity and it gives me and the team a chance to meet and chat to people we wouldn’t normally talk to. “

My close friend was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I have seen the impact this had had on both her and her family. This makes me more determined to carry on fundraising to help others and ensure Macmillan can continue doing what they do best!”

Maddy Fleetwood, a Fujitsu Charity Champion from Solihull, tragically lost her husband to cancer and supported our Christmas care package initiative with Macmillan.

“Macmillan is a charity close to my heart, as they provided support during the last few weeks of my husband’s life.

“I was delighted that Macmillan was chosen as our Corporate Charity Partner and that is why I became a Charity Champion. It has enabled me to get involved in various events to raise money for such a worthwhile charity.

“I think the highlight for me was taking part in putting together the Christmas care packages. Our plan to donate 30 packages to people affected by cancer was blown out of the water due to the generous donations and support received from colleagues, which enabled us to complete 58 packages.  These were delivered to Julie Bliss, Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Manager at University Hospital Coventry for distribution.”

This World Cancer Day, Macmillan is sharing some of those wonderful acts of kindness on their website, alongside advice about how you can support your loved ones.

These inspiring stories have made us think about the ways we at Fujitsu can be there for our loved ones with cancer. We’re all aware of cancer and what it means, but sometimes the pressures of everyday life and work get in the way.  It’s vital to remember what’s truly important.

For information and support, go to

Get involved in the World Cancer Day conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #WorldCancerDay hashtag and tag @Macmillancancer.

Thank you for your support!

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