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L>R: John Cridland, Dale Murray and Simon Carter

L>R: John Cridland, Dale Murray and Simon Carter

Fujitsu’s Executive Discussion Evenings have become well known in the industry for inspiring debate and providing a platform for new ideas and ways of thinking to be shared. Held at Fujitsu’s London headquarters in Baker Street, these events are attended by executives from a wide range of public and private sector companies.

On Wednesday evening, Fujitsu’s latest event, entitled ‘David and Goliath: how can the UK become a collaboration nation?’ set out to establish whether big business is in fact the enemy of small.

Headline speakers were John Cridland, Director General of the CBI and the voice of business in the UK – both large and small. He was joined by Dale Murray, Angel investor and entrepreneur.

Here are three things we were left pondering on the train home…

  • Collaboration is ‘the new cool.’ Before the recession took hold in 2008 it was ‘every man for himself,’ but today, collaboration is fundamental to our prosperity. The economic crisis sparked a new spirit of collaboration that simply wasn’t fashionable pre-recession, but is well on its way today.
  • Dale Murray, who mentors many start-ups, called for the business world to work towards ‘benevolent collaboration,’ where goals are aligned and the benefits are shared equally – regardless of size. She also talked about the ‘feminisation’ of the business world, where values such as kindness and sharing drive engagement and interaction on a more instinctive, human level.
  • Businesses – large and small – should embrace their cultural differences and not seek to change them. Homogeneity is the enemy of collaboration – we will succeed only by blending the strengths of large and small businesses; the ‘contrarian innovators’ of small business, with the support and steadying hand of big business.

We’ll be looking at some of the themes explored at the EDE – as well as sharing some video from the event – over the coming days.

And don’t forget to check out Fujitsu’s research into the reality of the Collaboration Nation (featuring a foreword from John Cridland).

The next Fujitsu Executive Discussion Evening will take place in London on 25th February 2014.


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