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With the year almost at a close, this week has seen lots of great news for SMEs including additional investment into the sector and also research into why working for an SME is the best.

  • Small businesses in Manchester are being offered up to £50,000 of web development to help develop an online presence by high street design studio Nettl. This scheme offers up to 100 small businesses one hour consultations and a £500 grant in a Nettl Commerce online web shop
  • According to new research, most people want to work for an SME because of its friendly working atmosphere. Eighty two per cent of staff and 78 per cent of employees were attracted to SMEs because of friendly work colleagues, while flexible working hours were thought to be key benefits of working for a small firm by 72 per cent of staff and 74 per cent of bosses
  • One in ten New Year’s resolutions focus on starting own business, according to new research by the UK’s largest Angel network. The vast majority, 78% admitted that their idea was still ‘just an idea’, whilst the remaining 22% had begun the process of setting up various aspects of their new business

Get in touch with your thoughts on this week’s news. Will you be taking advantage of the one hour consultations from Nettl? Does your workplace have a friendly atmosphere? What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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