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Whose Bias is it Anyway?

This International Women’s Day I am sharing my love for finding I am wrong. Embracing wrongness means two important things – that you had the courage to form a point of view in... Read more
D And I Week Cakes

A day in the life: autism

Autism changes the way people communicate and experience the world. 1 in 100 people are autistic and many more are undiagnosed. Our new charity partner is Autistica, who believe that together we can... Read more
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Educating against fake news

Whilst technology makes a positive impact on the lives of individuals and organisations today, the rise in false information and fake news requires an honest conversation about the negative impact technology can have... Read more

Be Completely You – Culture

As our Diversity and Inclusion week continues, today we hear from Sheema Segal, the Chair of our youngest network promoting cultural diversity. What is the Fujitsu Cultural Diversity Network all about? I went to see... Read more